From eyelashes to cat tails: The best Guinness World Records 2018

Completing weird and wonderful tasks has never felt more worthwhile, with the results of the Guinness World Records 2018 in. A fan of mustard? Why not see if you can beat Andre Ortolf’s record. Or, got a large collection of memorabilia? It might be record-worthy – if you can beat Eric Jaskolka’s collection of 15,400.

From the more heartwarming, like Battersea Dogs Home’s ‘longest running shelter’ record, to the distinctly niche, like April Choi’s ability to remove Jenga blocks with a whip, 2018 is the true celebration of all of our strangest talents.

But if your lack of hand-eye coordination is holding you back, a furry friend could be just the solution. From the longest tail to the tallest cat, our feline friends are making quite the appearance in the next annual records.

And, if all else fails, try creating the largest ball of paint (which has nearly 18,000 layers) or growing your fingernails for a while.

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