Ezra Miller demanded Susan Sarandon pay tribute at their altar over snubbed dinner invite, source says

Ezra Miller reportedly demanded Susan Sarandon “pay tribute” at their altar after Miller wasn’t invited to Sarandon’s recent dinner party.

The bizarre claim comes amid a slew of controversies the 29-year-old actor – who uses they/them pronouns – is currently embroiled in, ranging from allegations of disorderly conduct and assault to burglary.

According to a new in-depth exposé from Vanity Fair, two people who visited Miller’s Vermont home have confirmed that the actor has an altar, where they keep marijuana, sage, bullets, and Flash figurines.

“A lot of times [they] make the women put their cell phones on the altar when they come in, and other offerings,” Miller’s longtime friend revealed.

“Ezra freaked out recently... demanding that Susan Sarandon come pay tribute to [their] altar because she didn’t invite Ezra to a dinner party.”

However, Miller’s rep told the publication that Sarandon and Miller are “dear friends” and that Miller “would probably call this [anecdote] bulls*** if asked”.

The Independent has reached out to Miller’s and Sarandon’s reps for comment.

Ezra Miller and Susan Sarandon (Getty Images)
Ezra Miller and Susan Sarandon (Getty Images)

In mid-August, The Flash actor finally broke their silence about “going through an intense period of crisis”.

Miller apologised in a statement, saying: “I now understand that I am suffering complex mental health issues and have begun ongoing treatment.

“I am committed to doing the necessary work to get back to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

Meanwhile, Miller’s behaviour has left the fate of Warner Bros’ forthcoming The Flash film unclear.

However, the studio behind DC productions confirmed earlier this month that the film would still be released on 23 June 2023.