F1 Brazilian Grand Prix 2021 LIVE! Hamilton wins - Race result, latest news, overtakes, strategies, TV channel

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F1 Brazilian Grand Prix 2021 LIVE! Hamilton wins - Race result, latest news, overtakes, strategies, TV channel
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Lewis Hamilton kept his distant hopes of an eight world championship alive by winning the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday.

Despite starting in last on the grid after being disqualified from Friday’s session, Hamilton gained nine places in a dramatic battle with Max Verstappen at Interlagos.

Championship leader Verstappen finished second and never looked like reclaiming top spot after being overtaken while Valtteri Bottas was third.

Hamilton, who appeared to be enjoying the support of the crowd, described it has the “hardest weekend” he’d had.

“Wooo, yes, come on guys,” roared a jubilant Hamilton on the radio. “Thank you so much, let’s keep going, lets keep pushing.”

Hamilton, starting down the order following a combined 25-place grid penalty, gained four spots on the opening lap to move up to sixth before roaring past Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc on successive laps.

Verstappen was then slapped on the wrists by the stewards with a black-and-white warning flag for his weaving antics on lap 58.

Up front, Hamilton kept his composure to cross the line 10.4secs clear and claim his first victory since the Russian Grand Prix in September and only his second since the summer break.

Additional reporting from PA

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Key Points

  • Hamilton wins 101st Grand Prix

05:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

03:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

How the constructor standings are shaping up

01:40 , Jonathan Gorrie

Verstappen’s verdict on Hamilton

00:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Relive the best moments

23:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lewis Hamilton fined €5k

22:15 , Jonathan Gorrie

The Grand Prix winner has been slapped with a €5k fine for undoing his safety belt while in motion on the track.

21:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

20:50 , Jonathan Gorrie

20:25 , Jonathan Gorrie

20:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

19:05 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

101 up for Lewis Hamilton!

18:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Hamilton wins!What a story in Sao Paulo as the Mercedes driver wins his 101st Grand Prix.


18:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:32 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:29 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:27 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:24 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:23 , Jonathan Gorrie

Hamilton ahead!

18:20 , Jonathan Gorrie



Hamilton close again!

18:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lap 58: Verstappen blocks Hamilton again heading into Turn 3.

What a battle this is.

18:17 , Jonathan Gorrie

18:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

No investigation needed!

18:13 , Jonathan Gorrie

Verstappen cleared of any wrongdoing.

18:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lance Stroll and Daniel Riccardo retire

18:11 , Jonathan Gorrie

Both men bow out while Hamilton’s clash with Verstappen is under investigation.

18:08 , Jonathan Gorrie


18:07 , Jonathan Gorrie

Hamilton tries to overtake Verstappen, who forces him wide before going off the track himself.

Will that be Hamilton’s only chance?

Bottas not happy

18:06 , Jonathan Gorrie

“We just threw away an easy one-two.”

18:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

What a season this is

17:57 , Jonathan Gorrie

One wrong move from Verstappen and Hamilton is there waiting to pounce.

The battle between the two is one for the ages.

17:53 , Jonathan Gorrie

Bottas with the fastest lap

17:52 , Jonathan Gorrie

The Finn goes some way to winning Mercedes an extra point by recording the fastest lap so far.

Hamilton cuts Verstappen’s lead

17:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lap 32 - Now, the gap between the top two has gone from around 4 seconds to roughly 1 second.

What a performance from Hamilton so far.

17:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

Verstappen heading for the pits

17:43 , Jonathan Gorrie

Verstappen needs a compound switch.

Verstappen’s tires are dropping

17:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

The race-leader has told his team his tyres are dropping and he’s starting to slide.

Hamilton overtakes Perez

17:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

The gap

17:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lap 26/71- 3.589s between Verstappen and Hamilton.

The Red Bull driver has been told by his team he holds the advantage in the middle third.

17:37 , Jonathan Gorrie

Hamilton in second!

17:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Perez overtaken! Hamilton now in second.


17:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lap 18/71 - Hamilton overtakes Perez after dancing around the outside of Turn 3 but the Red Bull man managed to reclaim second.

Tsunoda penalised

17:28 , Jonathan Gorrie

Yuki Tsunoda deducted-10 seconds for that earlier clash with Stroll.

Perez to Team Red Bull

17:27 , Jonathan Gorrie

“Get Max to give me DRS.”

Back underway!

17:24 , Jonathan Gorrie

After a safety car intervention, Perez has managed to pull away from Hamilton, with a 2.5 second gap.

Hamilton has Perez in his sights

17:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

Hamilton is driving aggressively and now has Perez in his sights.

The Mexican is looking under pressure with Verstappen having bolted.

Big lock up at turn 1

17:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lap 10/71: Bottas and Hamilton hunting Perez and Verstappen. Very congested at turn one on lap 10 but the Mercedes drivers just can’t reach Red Bull.

Hamilton to Team Mercedes

17:17 , Jonathan Gorrie

“Tell Valterri to follow me.”

Stroll in the pits

17:15 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lance Stroll needs his Asten Martin fixed after colliding with Tsunoda.

A closer look at the start

17:13 , Jonathan Gorrie

17:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

Safety car could be needed

17:10 , Jonathan Gorrie

A lot of debris on the track could threaten to ruin later laps.

Norris was lucky to only get a puncture!

Hamilton making good progress

17:09 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lap 5/71 - Hamilton up to third in what now looks like a straight battle between him and Verstappen.

17:07 , Jonathan Gorrie

Hamilton up to fifth!

17:07 , Jonathan Gorrie

Brilliant start from the Mercedes driver as he’s already halved the defecit. Very quick pit-stop allows Norris back through, Verstappen still leads.

Hamilton up to sixth!

17:05 , Jonathan Gorrie

Very congested already, Lando Norris has a puncture.

Hamilton has it all to do but has started well.

Light out!

17:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

Dramatic opening with Verstappen leads Bottas, a Red Bull 1-2 to start us off.

Searingly hot track in Brazil

16:51 , Jonathan Gorrie

Toto Wolff angry

16:48 , Jonathan Gorrie

Th Mercedes boss was not in the mood to talk after Hamilton’s penalty.

A closer look at Lewis Hamilton’s brilliance yesterday

16:42 , Jonathan Gorrie

Soon time for lights out

16:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Strategy Guide

16:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

All you need to know about Interlagos

16:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Built in the 1940s, Interlagos has managed to keep much of its charm and character despite frequent updates to suit the demands of F1.

Hosting its first Grand Prix in 1973, Valtteri Bottas set the lap record on the current landscape in 2018 in 1:10:540.

26 turns await across 2.677 miles in what looks a fascinating contest.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Max Verstappen is coming of age

16:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘No one has ever questioned Verstappen’s race pace - the son of two racers, he is quite possibly genetically the quickest driver the sport has ever seen.

But as a teenager and then early twenty-something growing up in the sporting spotlight, there were moments when he allowed his fire to burn over.

Sure, there have been on-track moments with Hamilton – think Silverstone and Monza primarily – but he has not let them get to him. Aged 24, there is a maturity that could finally make the difference between him being world champion and not.’You can read Matt Majendie’s deep-dive into how Red Bull turned the tide in F1 here.

Hamilton not giving up

15:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

Lewis Hamilton insisted his world championship title hopes are still alive after a brilliant drive to finish fifth in the sprint race at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver started Saturday’s race last, after a rear-wing infringement resulted in his disqualification from qualifying, but he showed his class to bounce back from the major setback.

Hamilton’s punishment promoted Max Verstappen to the front of the grid but Valtteri Bottas beat the Red Bull man off the line to win the 24-lap dash and claim pole position for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

Verstappen finished runner-up to claim two points and extend his lead from 19 to 21 points. Carlos Sainz took third for Ferrari.

Will there be rain in Sao Paulo?

15:35 , Jonathan Gorrie

For now, there is no rain forecast and more sun is expected in place of the clouds that presided over yesterday’s sprint.

Starting Gird

15:25 , Jonathan Gorrie

How can I watch live in the UK?

15:15 , Jonathan Gorrie

TV channel: Today’s race will be shown LIVE on Sky Sports’ Main Event and F1 channels.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can stream the action through the Sky Go App.

Highlights: Channel 4 will show free highlights of the race at 23:00pm on Sunday 14 November 2021.


14:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The race is scheduled to start at 17:00pm GMT on Sunday November 14, 2021.

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