F1 Canadian Grand Prix LIVE! Verstappen wins - Race result, latest news, reaction and updates

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F1 Canadian Grand Prix LIVE! Verstappen wins - Race result, latest news, reaction and updates
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F1 Canadian Grand Prix - LIVE!

Red Bull's Max Verstappen celebrated his 150th Formula One race on Sunday with a victory in the Canadian Grand Prix to extend his world championship lead.

The 24-year-old Dutch driver took his 26th career win just nine tenths of a second ahead of Ferrari's Carlos Sainz, with seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton completing the podium for Mercedes.

Sainz collected a bonus point for the fastest lap. Verstappen held off a late charge from Sainz to take the victory and extend his championship lead to 46 points.

Hamilton came home third, taking his second podium of the season and his first since the opening race in Bahrain.

The second Mercedes of George Russell was fourth with Charles Leclerc fifth after starting back in 19th due to an engine penalty, before the Alpine pair of Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso ahead of Valtteri Bottas, Guanyu Zhou and local favourite Lance Stroll.

F1 Canadian Grand Prix highlights

  • LIGHTS OUT! Verstappen leads off the start

  • VSC! Perez pulls up with issue

  • VSC! Schumacher next to retire

  • SAFETY CAR! Tsunoda crashes out

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Verstappen wins

Thanks for joining us today!

21:31 , Marc Mayo

We will be back in a fortnight’s time for Silverstone.

Recap today’s race with Matt’s report from Montreal.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

21:25 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton described himself as “back to being young” after a surprise podium at the Canadian Grand Prix.

At the same Circuit Gilles Villeneuve where he picked up the first race win of his career back in 2007, he finished six seconds behind race winner Max Verstappen with Carlos Sainz in second.

But after one of the lowest points of his career in Baku just a week earlier and a serious back issue, he said the injury appeared to be behind him.

Following his second podium of the year – he was third at the season opener in Bahrain - he said: “I’m back to being young. It’s quite overwhelming to get this third.”

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The moment that truly shook up the race

21:16 , Marc Mayo

The people’s choice

21:12 , Marc Mayo

George Russell up next

21:10 , Marc Mayo

“Our race pace was closer to Ferrari and Red Bull than all season but it wasn’t quite there yet. The pace was really strong and the first two stints, after the restart I don’t know why but I couldn’t get the tyres working. It was bumpy, not porpoising but just bouncing around a lot. It’ll be a good night’s sleep for sure.”

Toto Wolff gives his reaction

21:06 , Marc Mayo

“[Hamilton and Russell] were both very good, they were on different setups and we showed some pace today. In terms of performance, they were quick. We need to develop the car in a different window, we had it low on the ground and it didn’t function. We own the problem and we need to fix it.”

21:04 , Marc Mayo

Check out the latest F1 Drivers’ Championship standings.

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Christian Horner reacts

21:01 , Marc Mayo

“It wasn’t very comfortable in that last ten laps or so, Max couldn’t break the DRS. But not a single mistake. We lost communication with the car but I guess he didn’t need to hear us too much. All credit to Carlos, he pushed him really really hard.”

The champagne!

20:57 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton, back in his natural habitat, gives Sainz a good dousing as the confetti falls down on Canada’s welcome return to the F1 calendar.

So close to a first F1 race win for Carlos Sainz

20:51 , Marc Mayo

Lewis Hamilton reacts

20:50 , Marc Mayo

A big cheer for the veteran as he soaks in the podium.

He says: “How you going Montreal!? We’ve had such an awesome crowd this weekend, it’s quite overwhelming to get this third place. We’re getting closer, we’ve got to keep pushing and hopefully eventually we’ll be up there with [Ferrari and Red Bull].

“Our pace was quite good, we did a lot of work on the simulator to get the setup right. Honestly, I’m ecstatic.”

20:44 , Marc Mayo


20:41 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen puts half a second on Sainz throughout the first two sectors and takes the win!

Last lap!

20:40 , Marc Mayo

A cracking finish to this one... Is there time for last-lap drama?

20:39 , Marc Mayo

Lap 69/70: Sainz continues to reel in Verstappen down the back straight but the Red Bull remarkably manages to just hold out a couple of car lengths’ buffer at all times, and the Dutchman stays first.

20:38 , Marc Mayo

Three laps to go with Verstappen looking very settled under some serious pressure.

In seventh, Alonso has engine issues on the straights but tells team radio he is “100 times” faster than teammate Ocon in front - and has been all weekend. Well!

20:34 , Marc Mayo

Lap 65/70: Ferrari need to pull a rabbit out of their hat to give Sainz a better bet winning this race, with all sorts of energy storage and power settings surely available to the Spaniard.

Good luck out-thinking Red Bull, mind.

Meanwhile it has turned into a nice little home race for Stroll as he jumps Ricciardo for 10th place.

20:31 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton is a whole two seconds off Sainz but almost four clear of Russell as he looks really good for a place on the podium - and fully earned as well.

In front, Verstappen breaks the DRS barrier on Sainz before the back straight. The Ferrari man’s chances are running out for this being his maiden F1 win...

20:27 , Marc Mayo

Lap 60/70: Sainz is pinned to the back of Verstappen throughout the first two sectors before another DRS run down the back straight leaves him just a touch too far back.

Further back, Leclerc gets Alonso as he looks to see of a day of damage limitation. Having grabbed fifth off Ocon, he touches the grass and misses the chicane, giving the position back.

20:24 , Marc Mayo

A fastest lap from Sainz at a really crucial moment before he prepares to get a DRS boost down the back straight.

Into the final chicane, the Dutchman holds a slim advantage and survives again into Turn 1. Can he build out a lead?

Green flag!

20:20 , Marc Mayo

Lap 55/70: Here we go...

Verstappen takes his time before launching into the distance off the chicane, and Sainz is too far back to throw it into Turn 1.

All clean behind them with DRS not enabled for a couple of laps - Sainz needs to maintain his one-second gap before it does to hold out serious hope of winning this race.

20:17 , Marc Mayo

The lapped cars overtake so we are nearing a 15-lap dash to the finish.

Can Sainz throw it into Turn 1? What’s he got to lose? There is also a bit of pace in Hamilton’s Mercedes...

Matt Majendie in Montreal

20:13 , Marc Mayo

Carlos Sainz has the fresher tyres when the safety car comes in and racing restarts than Max Verstappen but only marginally. If the original race start was anything to go by, you’d envisage the Dutchman in his 150th race will still pull away for the win.

20:13 , Marc Mayo

Lap 51/70: Ocon and Alonso get the chance to pit cheaply with that, as does Bottas.

Verstappen has the lead ahead of Sainz, who is now on much fresher tyres. Hamilton and Russell follow before the two Alpines and Leclerc.

Safety car!

20:09 , Marc Mayo

Tsunoda in the barrier! Fresh out the pits, he just carried straight on through out the exit and rolled off track...

Sainz can jump into the pits at the perfect time...

20:07 , Marc Mayo

Lap 47/70: Much better from Leclerc on new Medium tyres as he jumps first Tsunoda and then Ricciardo to go 10th. Zhou is quickly mopped up next.

Fifth place still very much his target still, with Stroll and Bottas up the road still yet to pit.

20:05 , Marc Mayo

“Didn’t have the pace,” Red Bull tell Verstappen as he questions his team’s decision to pull him in.

No bother, the defending world champion overtakes the Brit to go second before Hamilton pits. He comes out fourth, before Russell dives in for a second stop of his own.

20:02 , Marc Mayo

Leclerc pits, Ferrari botch it, and he re-enters the track 12th after losing a few more seconds than necessary.

“Tyres really starting to drop,” says Verstappen and he will pit! On go the Hards with 26 laps to go...

He comes out behind Hamilton!

Matt Majendie in Montreal

20:01 , Marc Mayo

You’d have thought Mercedes would have taken this at the start of the weekend, which has been a feisty one with Toto Wolff’s outburst in the team principals meeting and talk of floor adjustments - legal or otherwise. The two Mercs are the only sub 1:18 runners per lap bar the Ferraris and Red Bulls.

19:59 , Marc Mayo

Lap 42/70: Sainz is starting to make some headway on Verstappen, half a second of which on the last lap, but it does feel like that is more to do with Red Bull coasting rather than Ferrari pulling out the rocket fuel.

Meanwhile, in the pits Latifi endures a slow stop with a wheel gun issue and he exits last in a drab home race for the Canadian.

19:56 , Marc Mayo

A time check for those out front: Verstappen leads by 7.1 seconds over Sainz, with a 10.2-second drop back to Hamilton. Russell has chipped away at his teammate with a 9.1-second gap, and a hefty 20 seconds back to Ocon in fifth.


19:54 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari pull out “Plan D” for Leclerc and get a sigh of “whatever” back from the Monegasque driver. He’s still firmly stuck behind Ocon in sixth.

If he were to pit now, he would come out some way behind the points positions.

19:50 , Marc Mayo

The Canadian Grand Prix has a rich history of being a scintillating race, quite often the wet weather doing its best to wreak havoc. Not even a single percentage chance of any spots of rain today.

As for this year’s race, there’s a danger it’s becoming a tad too processional now for Max Verstappen. He’s complaining of tyre issues but he’s still eight seconds clear of the next best placed man in Carlos Sainz.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

19:49 , Marc Mayo

The battle for ninth is hotting up because Stroll, yet to pit, is holding up Zhou in the Alfa Romeo that lacks straight-line speed. Tsunoda and Ricciardo are lurking with intent behind.

“I feel like I’m already losing tyre grip,” says Verstappen up front as the race approaches the halfway mark.

19:44 , Marc Mayo

Alonso pits for Hards, a sure-footed one-stopper while those who pitted earlier may find themselves requiring a second change of tyre.

He comes out seventh, behind Leclerc. “I don’t have the grip, it’s so bad,” says the Ferrari man over team radio as he struggles for traction to get past Ocon.

19:43 , Marc Mayo

Lap 28/70: Perhaps the idea for Leclerc is to build out as big a lead over the midfield traffic as possible before pitting, as he looks to dive in on Ocon.

The Ferrari certainly has the pace to take on the Alpine and Mercedes cars in front of him, as seen with Sainz now sitting five seconds clear of Hamilton in second.

His gap to Verstappen has dropped a touch but it may take a safety car to bring down that 8.5-second margin.

19:36 , Marc Mayo

Absolute nightmare for Norris, who was double-stacked in that VSC and waited before pulling into the pits. At that point, McLaren didn’t have any tyres out and a lone Medium was bolted on before hastily being yanked off. Not his day.

Meanwhile, Hamilton gets Alonso but is now 2.5-seconds behind Sainz.

19:35 , Marc Mayo

Sainz pulls Alonso into his crosshairs and cruises by with DRS into second place, and can attempt to build out a lead before Hamilton gets the Spaniard.

Green flag!

19:33 , Marc Mayo

Lap 21/70: Sainz pits and is only metres ahead of Hamilton as he exits on fresh Hards.

Confirmation that Verstappen is well up the road. Alonso sits second, having yet to pit.

Matt Majendie in Montreal

19:32 , Marc Mayo

George Russell has a knack of pitting at the right time. He sneaks in just as the virtual safety car comes in for Mick Schumacher. Will be interesting to see if this becomes a straight duel with Lewis Hamilton for a podium later on in the race.

19:30 , Marc Mayo

Schumacher pulls to the side of the road!

Zhou got the job done and the Haas has retired... Virtual Safety Car!

Russell is straight into the pits of the frontrunners, along with Ocon. He comes out fifth, behind Hamilton.

19:30 , Marc Mayo

Lap 19/70: From 10 to 11 to 12 for Albon as he loses out to Bottas into the final chicance before Leclerc flies past on the start-finish straight. The Williams then dives into the pits.

Further ahead, Zhou and Schumacher are in a battle for seventh - neither being regulars in these heady heights!

19:25 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen, with the quick pit stop, is already on the back of Alonso and only six seconds away from Sainz.

A clean getaway from the hairpin opens up a barn-sized door for the Red Bull to walk through and claim second place.

19:23 , Marc Mayo

Lap 15/70: Leclerc is into 12th place as he breezes past Norris with DRS assistance, the McLaren with an old engine today and unlikely to enjoy a fun race.

Bottas and Albon next up for the Ferrari as he fights the traffic.

19:21 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton, on fresher tyres, makes it stick down the outside of Ocon into Turn 1. The Brit is running fifth and will really fancy a spot on the podium today.

Matt Majendie in Montreal

19:20 , Marc Mayo

Look out on the grid, there’s some head scratching on the Red Bull pitwall. Obviously they’re one driver down with Sergio Perez having retired but it raises the question mark of Max Verstappen’s engine lasting the 70-lap distance.

Green flag!

19:19 , Marc Mayo

Lap 10/70: A few pit-stoppers during that VSC, which are quicker relatively speaking than under normal conditions.

Verstappen and Hamilton came in for Hards but none others from the head of the pack.

Sainz leads as the race restarts, ahead of Alonso and Verstappen.

Sergio Perez is OUT

19:15 , Marc Mayo

The Mexican pulls over by Turn 9 and will that be a safety car? It’s a mechanical issue, he’s stuck in gear.

Virtual Safety Car called out.

19:15 , Marc Mayo

Lap 8/70: Sainz complains of graining on his front-left tyre before putting in a fastest lap, quickly beaten by Verstappen to maintain his 2.6-second advantage.

And Perez has a problem!

19:12 , Marc Mayo

Hamilton is on the back of Alonso and Russell may well pull up behind his teammate soon after getting Magnussen at the hairpin.

Mercedes running fourth and fifth as Magnussen’s Haas gets a black-and-orange flag for his front-wing damage. That will require a pit-stop to fix up. Nightmare.

19:09 , Marc Mayo

Lap 3/70: DRS is enabled and Sainz has a go at Alonso at the first opportunity, completing a sweet move down the back straight.

Verstappen is already 2.5 seconds up the road for the Spaniard in the Ferrari...

Matt Majendie in Montreal

19:07 , Marc Mayo

Kevin Magnussen doesn't seem to be losing any pace at the moment but there's quite a sizeable bit of his front right wing endplate dangling out.

That's from his coming together with Lewis Hamilton, who looked like they were attached for a time. I imagine Magnussen will come into the pits soon.

19:07 , Marc Mayo

Perez already up to 11th and Leclerc 17th as the out-of-position frontrunners start well.

Not great for Schumacher as he’s dropped two places to eighth, Ocon and Russell making hay.

And still, Alonso second!


19:05 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen stretches out his lead from the off as Alonso holds off Sainz, Hamilton holds off Magnussen.

Formation lap begins!

19:01 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen heads out first on fresh Mediums, the tyre of choice for the frontrunners.

Leclerc on Hards at the back, and he is way back with Verstappen completing his formation lap very quickly. The pack is rather spread-out.

Matt Majendie in Montreal

18:59 , Marc Mayo

One of the more bizarre sites on the grid was one chap with a VIP pass around his neck and a cardboard sign standing in front of Lewis Hamilton’s car saying ‘Save the whales, stop porpoising’.

Race strategy

18:57 , Marc Mayo

A fairly straightforward one-stop race ahead of us - on paper. Don’t count out a two-stopper for those happy to take a risk.

Important to bear in mind is that if DRS is powerful enough, overtaking down the back straight will be abundant.

Matt Majendie in Montreal

18:54 , Marc Mayo

Just come back from walking the grid. Great atmosphere and packed stands. The biggest cheer appeared to be for the arrival of home driver Lance Stroll.

Interesting that Red Bull technical guru Adrian Newey was paying particular close attention to the side of the McLaren with his big red notebook tucked under his arm. And the two Ferraris have a tribute to Gilles Villeneuve marked on their grid placings. Villeneuve, after whom this circuit is named, died 40 years ago.

Fernando Alonso previews the race

18:48 , Marc Mayo

“It was more exciting in Le Mans, we are out of position and realistically we are fighting for P5 or P6 so not really excited.”

18:47 , Marc Mayo

We did see Daniel Ricciardo being wheeled back into the garage earlier as the drivers made their way to the grid - no dramas though. He starts in ninth.

Time for the national anthem!

18:45 , Marc Mayo

Lights out is almost upon us...

Christian Horner previews the race from the grid

18:44 , Marc Mayo

We’ve got to focus on getting a good start, getting our head down. Fernando will be wound up, he’ll be up for it. You’ve just got to get on with your own thing, we can’t worry about what Fernando’s doing. We’ve just got to get stuck in. And I think Checo can get on the podium.

All eyes on this man out of P2

18:40 , Marc Mayo

Qualifying recap

18:35 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen dominated qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix to take a comfortable pole for today’s race.

The defending world champion looked a class apart in wet conditions to be a second clear of the chasing pack for much of the session as a 40-year-old Fernando Alonso qualified alongside him on the front row for the first time in 10 years.

A wobble by Carlos Sainz coming out of the final corner cost him his place on the front row instead of countryman Alonso with teammate Charles Leclerc already consigned to the back of the grid for the race start after being penalised for another power unit change.

Read the full story.

Want to feel old?

18:29 , Marc Mayo

Problem for Ricciardo

18:24 , Marc Mayo

The Aussie’s McLaren is being pushed back into the garage...

The pit lane is open!

18:22 , Marc Mayo

The cars head out on track before making their way to the grid.

Hamilton reveals in qualifying boost

18:19 , Marc Mayo

Putting his car fourth on the grid in yesterday’s qualifying session gave us a delighted Lewis Hamilton after the session.

“I feel amazing. I'm so, so happy. P4 has never felt so good,” he said.

“Maybe [it did] when I was in my first year here in 2007 and I got my first P4 in qualifying... it felt great then. It kind of feels like that, particularly because it's been a really, really difficult year.

“To go through what we were faced with today, it was difficult for everyone out there and I'm really so happy to have us there and put us in a position.”

18:14 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Ricciardo interview

18:10 , Marc Mayo

Before the weekend, Matt caught up with McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo as he faces the toughest period of his career so far.

“We’ve all done that sort of thing in interviews, so it’s nothing I took to heart,” he says. “It’s fine, and in terms of him talking about me not meeting expectations, I don’t disagree with that.

“Instead, I put a positive spin on it and think people have these expectations because they think I’m good and believe in me. That negativity comes from a positive place.”

Read the full story.

Matt Majendie in Montreal

18:03 , Marc Mayo

Immaterial of the result in today's race, the row after the FIA technical directive to address porpoising and Mercedes' response to it is not going away. It's grumbling behind the scenes in Montreal today.

Mercedes were the only team to come up with the solution - a second stay on George Russell's car, which they then scrapped for third practice and qualifying. Their argument is it hadn't helped, their rivals suggest they did so for fear of a protest.

Whirling around is the suggestion they heard about the FIA directive beforehand, hence the only team to have made a solution in time. Expect more focus on that post-race.

Lights out in just over 60 minutes!

17:58 , Marc Mayo

17:53 , Marc Mayo

Matt Majendie in Montreal

17:47 , Marc Mayo

Chatting to Red Bull just now, the team seem pretty bullish about their chances today. The one real concern is the start. If Max Verstappen gets off the line cleanly, there’s a belief he could run away with it.

On what’s a much hotter day than any of the three practice sessions and qualifying, the one concern is about brakes overheating but that’s more a concern for cars following. So, less any issue for Verstappen but possibly one for Sergio Perez as he tries to climb his way up the grid.

17:42 , Marc Mayo

Toto Wolff has accused his rivals of a “pitiful” approach and playing political games in the ongoing row over fixing the porpoising issue.

The FIA put out a technical directive at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix weekend in response to health and safety fears for drivers.

It initially permitted teams, of which Mercedes were the only ones to implement it, to add a second stay to the floor of their cars which was removed by qualifying amid threats of a protest over its legality by rival teams.

Wolff was embroiled in a feisty exchange with his fellow team principals in a meeting prior to qualifying in which Lewis Hamilton and George Russell ended up fourth and 10th respectively for Sunday’s race.

Speaking after qualifying, the Mercedes team principal said: “This is a sport where you are trying to keep a competitive advantage or gain it but this situation has clearly gone too far. At least one driver in every team has said they were in pain after Baku and having difficulty keeping the car on track or blurred vision.”

Read the full story.

A big thumbs-up from Lewis

17:37 , Marc Mayo

17:30 , Marc Mayo

Matt Majendie in Montreal

17:24 , Marc Mayo

The same can't be said about the preceding three days but it's a glorious day for the Canadian Grand Prix. Raincoats have been in abundance so far this race weekend, with heavy downpours and tornado warnings. Today, it's blue skies and bright sunshine. Sadly, that means we might not get the chaos of past races in Montreal.

A rather swish drivers parade currently out on track

17:19 , Marc Mayo

Mercedes admit pushing Hamilton too hard

17:15 , Marc Mayo

Mercedes have admitted they pushed seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton too far at last weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Hamilton described the race as the toughest and most painful of his career, the porpoising of his car giving him a serious back issue.

And Mercedes put up their hands to admit they were at fault for Hamilton’s physical problems as they pushed the limit of the car in Baku.

The team’s chief strategist James Vowles said: “Lewis is an elite athlete that will push the bounds of endurance of himself and the car, and that’s what Formula 1 drivers do, that’s what makes them exceptional.

“On this occasion, though, we pushed the package and our drivers too far. We are putting them into significant discomfort and we simply can’t do that again. We have a responsibility now to make sure that this doesn’t carry on.”

Read the full story.

A worthy salute

17:10 , Marc Mayo

Drivers parade about to get underway!

17:05 , Marc Mayo

Weather latest

17:00 , Marc Mayo

We will not be having a wet race in Montreal today.

The weather forecast is bright sunshine all the way through the rest of the afternoon, in stark contrast to the downpours of qualifying.

Temperatures will sit around a comfortable 21°C.

Starting grid

16:55 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen starts on pole alongside Fernando Alonso, with Charles Leclerc 19th.

  1. Max Verstappen

  2. Fernando Alonso

  3. Carlos Sainz

  4. Lewis Hamilton

  5. Kevin Magnussen

  6. Mick Schumacher

  7. Esteban Ocon

  8. George Russell

  9. Daniel Ricciardo

  10. Guanyu Zhou

  11. Valtteri Bottas

  12. Alex Albon

  13. Sergio Perez

  14. Lando Norris

  15. Pierre Gasly

  16. Sebastian Vettel

  17. Lance Stroll

  18. Nicholas Latifi

  19. Charles Leclerc

  20. Yuki Tsunoda

How to watch

16:50 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: The race will be shown live on Sky Sports F1 and Main Event, with coverage beginning at 6.30pm BST on Main Event and 5.30pm on F1.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also tune in online via the Sky Go app.

Free highlights: Channel 4 will be airing full free-to-air race highlights at 11pm on Sunday evening.

Good afternoon!

15:44 , Marc Mayo

Welcome to Standard Sport’s coverage of the Canadian Grand Prix!

The tenth race of 2022 promises to be one of its most exciting with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton qualifying high up the grid, behind pole-sitter Max Verstappen.

Watch out for Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc fighting their way through the pack, too.

It has been three races without an F1 race in Montreal so buckle up and follow all the action with Standard Sport!

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