F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix LIVE! Race results, latest updates and reaction as Max Verstappen wins

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F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix LIVE! Race results, latest updates and reaction as Max Verstappen wins
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F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix LIVE!

Max Verstappen won the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix as Charles Leclerc spun off late on and Lewis Hamilton finished 13th and a lap behind on a desperate afternoon for the British driver.

Verstappen dominated in the wet-dry race here at Imola to claim his second win of the season, with Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez second and Lando Norris promoted to third after championship leader Leclerc dropped to sixth after coming off and having to pit.

For Hamilton, the sport’s most decorated driver, he endured possibly the worst afternoon of his 16-season Formula One career.

The 37-year-old started 14th and finished only one place better off as George Russell progressed from 11th to fourth in the other Mercedes - holding off Valtteri Bottas, the man he replaced at the Silver Arrows, in the closing stages.

Verstappen’s win and Leclerc’s costly mistake breathed new life into this season’s championship battle, taking the Dutchman to second in the standings, 27 points adrift of his Ferrari rival.

After failing to score a single point, Hamilton is now 58 behind the Ferrari driver with just four rounds gone.

Everything you need to know ahead of the race

  • Verstappen wins in Imola as Red Bull secured 1-2!

  • Leclerc drops down the field after late spin

  • Verstappen leads Perez after first pit stops

  • Sainz spins out in first lap

Race report

17:06 , Marc Mayo

Thanks for joining us for Standard Sport’s coverage of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. Join us again in Miami for the next race!

Catch up on all the action with our race report.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Rare Red Bull 1-2...

16:41 , Matt Verri

Miserable weekend for Hamilton

16:35 , Matt Verri

“A weekend to forget, that is for sure.

“I am out of the championship, for sure. There’s no question about that. I will still keep working as hard as I can and pull it back together somehow.”

16:26 , Matt Verri

Verstappen asked if he particularly enjoyed lapping the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton.

“They’ve been slow all year so it wasn’t anything exciting.”


Leclerc: This shouldn’t happen again

16:16 , Matt Verri

More from Wolff on how his drivers fared...

16:08 , Matt Verri

“George really drove well considering the car he had underneath.

“Really bad [for Lewis]. We got squeezed by the Alpine and there is just no overtaking when you’re in a DRS train. We saw with George what the car can drive if you have free air.

“But we are not good enough for a world champion, not worthy for a world champion and we just need to fix the car.

“I think we are going to look at things for Miami, I think we can make a step in the understanding of the car. It’s another day, we just really need to understand more and creep up.”

Mercedes exchange after the race

16:04 , Matt Verri

Lewis Hamilton finished 13th today, moving up a place due to Esteban Ocon’s time penalty. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff apologised to the seven-time world champion after the race.

Wolff said: “Sorry for what you had to drive today, I know it was undriveable. This was a terrible race.

“No worries, Toto. Just keep working hard,” Hamilton replied.

“We will come out of this,” Wolff added.

Perez’s thoughts on Red Bull 1-2

16:00 , Matt Verri

“It was really intense! The fight since halfway through the race we were fighting, then it was all under control but then they started chasing us again with the stop and it was again a fight to warm up the tyres.

“The most important thing today is to not mistakes, because with these conditions it was so tricky out there to get a 1-2 in these conditions. I think it is a great result for the team.

“We’ve been so unlucky at the start, it’s been so difficult for us. I am very pleased to see everyone in my team smiling today.

“That’s the target [wins] but today is a great day for the team, we’ve still got to keep working, there’s still a few bits we’ve got to make better to get closer to the win. But I’m very happy Max got it today.”

Verstappen’s reaction to perfect weekend

15:53 , Matt Verri

“It’s always tough to achieve something like that, but yesterday and the day before we were on it and it was looking like a strong weekend.

“Today you never know with the weather how competitive you’re going to be. As a team we did everything well and I think this 1-2 is very deserved.

“The start was of course very important, but also judging the conditions and when to switch to the slick tyres. In the lead you have to always dictate the pace and everything was well managed.”

Result in full

15:49 , Matt Verri

Verstappen, Perez, Norris, Russell, Bottas, Leclerc, Tsunoda, Vettel, Magnussen, Stroll, Albon, Gasly, Hamilton, Ocon, Zhou, Latifi, Schumacher, Ricciardo.

Alonso and Sainz the two drivers not to finish.

15:44 , Matt Verri

Sainz crashing out of the race on the opening lap, Leclerc spinning off late when he had a comfortable third in his hands.

It’s an Imola race to forget for Ferrari who can’t give the home fans something to cheer.

Sunday afternoon stroll...

15:41 , Matt Verri

Norris praises McLaren team after podium

15:38 , Matt Verri

“Awesome week everyone. Nice to see how much we’ve turned it around. Proud of you all.”


15:36 , Matt Verri

Perfect afternoon for Verstappen, controlled that race from start to finish. And on Ferrari territory, it’s a Red Bull 1-2 as Perez comes home in second.

Norris completes the podium, brilliant weekend for McLaren despite Ricciardo’s problems today.

Russell finishes fourth, another superb result for him in that Mercedes. Bottas fifth, Leclerc sixth.

15:34 , Matt Verri

62/63: Norris just a couple of laps away from another podium, he’s kept himself out of trouble perfectly this afternoon so far.

Russell is just about holding on for now, doing everything he can to make the car as wide as possible.

Here comes Leclerc... past Tsunoda comfortably. Up into sixth and that’s as good as it will get.

15:33 , Matt Verri

61/63: Leclerc is flying towards Tsunoda, gap is under two seconds.

Bottas right behind Russell... Mercedes man defends well. And Leclerc is now within a second of Tsunoda, he should get that move done before the end of the race.

15:31 , Matt Verri

60/63: Leclerc gets past Vettel with ease and he moves up into seventh. Tsunoda four seconds ahead - can he make that gap up? It’s going to be tight.

Bottas is six tenths behind Russell. Mercedes tell Russell there’s going to be light rain for the last couple of laps. Building up to be a dramatic conclusion between these two.

15:29 , Matt Verri

59/63: “Let’s get him.” Bottas’ team urge him on as he closes in on Russell.

He’s within DRS range with a few laps remaining. Doesn’t have to rush this, got to think he’s got a decent chance of pulling this off.

Leclerc spins off...

15:28 , Matt Verri

15:26 , Matt Verri

57/63: Leclerc tells his team the car doesn’t feel great. Nothing they can do now.

He has to be aggressive now - though that’s what cost him a couple of laps ago. He was pushing to close the gap to Perez.

Leclerc past Magnussen, up into eighth. Vettel next up.

Meanwhile, Russell in fourth is soon going to have Bottas right behind him. Gap is about a second.

Marc Mayo at Imola

15:25 , Matt Verri

What a shocker this has proven for Ferrari, just after two weekends were gifted by Red Bull - they hand one back.

15:23 , Matt Verri


Thousands of groans go up at Imola! That’s an absolute disaster... he’s got back on the track but Norris has gone past him into third.

And there’s damage to the front wing! Leclerc has to come into the pits again - horror moment for Ferrari. He’s back out into ninth, behind Magnussen.

15:21 , Matt Verri

53/63: Ignore talk of Leclerc not looking for second - that pit from Perez has given him hope.

He’s less than a second behind the Red Bull, closing right in. This will wake the Ferrari fans up!

15:19 , Matt Verri

52/63: Doubt Leclerc is eyeing second place, more about trying to get the extra point for fastest lap.

That plan might be ruined though, as Perez comes into the pits too. Easy free pit for him.

As expected, Leclerc cruises past Norris and up into third. And here comes Verstappen - he asks to come in for softs too and the team agree.

Marc Mayo at Imola

15:18 , Matt Verri

Part of the problem that’s denying us more overtaking is that it’s barely 13 degrees outside - the track isn’t drying away from the racing line. So it’s too risky to dive off the racing line and try a daring manoeuvre.

15:17 , Matt Verri

50/63: The good news just keeps on coming for Hamilton - Perez is closing in to lap him as well. Just what the Mercedes man needed.

Better lap from Leclerc, 0.2s quicker than Perez.

And now he’s into the pits! Interesting. Soft tyres are on and he’s going for a 13-lap sprint to the finish.

He comes back out in fourth, just behind Norris.

15:15 , Matt Verri

48/63: An overtake!

Tsunoda gets past Magnussen and he’s up into eighth. “Good job,” he gets told.

And he’s only 2.5s behind Vettel, who is having a really impressive afternoon in seventh.

15:13 , Matt Verri

47/63: Bottas is closing the gap to Russell in fifth, less than five seconds behind now. Are we going to get some more Imola action between those two?

Ricciardo’s gamble to go onto the hard tyres certainly hasn’t worked at the back of the field. He’s 20 seconds adrift.

15:10 , Matt Verri

45/63: “Plan D, how does it look,” Leclerc asks his team.

“Not good, stay out until the end.”

Don’t think resorting to Plan D is ever particularly good news, whatever it is. Anyway, doesn’t look like Leclerc will be coming back in.

Hamilton is once again right behind Gasly, two tenths in it. But he still can’t get past.

15:08 , Matt Verri

44/63: Great afternoon at the moment for Norris, who is safely in fourth. That would be a brilliant result for McLaren.

No sign of Leclerc closing in on Perez - if anything he’s dropping back. Gap is about three seconds.

Do Ferrari consider a pit and a set of soft tyres at some point? With a big gap in the championship they may just settle for third.

Referring to anyone in particular?

15:06 , Matt Verri

15:05 , Matt Verri

41/63: Hamilton’s engineer tells him to let past Verstappen - brave man delivering that message.

The Red Bull goes by, just as the TV cameras zoom in on Toto Wolff. We can file his expression as ‘not thrilled’.

Gasly lets Verstappen through and now Hamilton can close right up. This could be it.... nope. Gasly has enough pace.

Marc Mayo at Imola

15:03 , Matt Verri

The most surprising aspect of that Hamilton battle is that Gasly, with DRS, still cannot get close to Albon, who doesn’t have it. The Mercedes could do with the Williams getting caught.

15:02 , Matt Verri

39/63: What could make this afternoon more miserable for Hamilton?

Verstappen rocking up behind to lap him. Really rubbing it in. Hamilton, Gasly and Albon are all so close together but overtaking is proving to be almost impsosible for them.

15:00 , Matt Verri

37/63: Hamilton four tenths behind Gasly, can DRS help him to get the move done? Not this time.

Verstappen meanwhile puts in the fastest lap of the race. Lead is almost 12 seconds for the Dutchman. Red Bull heading towards a rare 1-2 as it stands.

14:57 , Matt Verri

35/63: At last!

DRS has been enabled. Hopefully that should liven things up a bit.

Hamilton will soon find himself in a DRS train you’d imagine, as they all tow each other along. Leclerc more than two seconds behind Perez now, he’s got to get that within a second.

14:56 , Matt Verri

34/63: Hamilton trying everything he can to get past Gasly, but he hasn’t got much to work with. He’s still down in 14th.

Russell meanwhile will be very happy in fifth. Nearly 12 seconds clear of Bottas, but more than six seconds behind Norris. He looks pretty secure there for now.

14:53 , Matt Verri

32/63: Very little action at the moment. The lack of DRS is not helping things at all.

Ricciardo puts on the hard tyres - he’s spent half of his race in the pits this afternoon. Talk is that a number of cars could well try and make their mediums stretch until the end of the race.

Would be a long stint...

14:49 , Matt Verri

30/63: Perez goes straight on at the chicane and this could be Leclerc’s chance!

Here comes the Ferrari... can’t get within range though. Overtaking looks to be extremely difficult.

Verstappen continuing on his merry way ahead, with a lead of almost ten seconds.

How it stands...

14:47 , Matt Verri

Marc Mayo at Imola

14:45 , Matt Verri

Contrasting fortunes for the two Haas cars with Magnussen holding eighth and Schumacher hopping over the wet grass at Variante Alta - not the place you want to take your slick tyres and he spins.

The young German can continue though, in 18th.

14:44 , Matt Verri

26/63: This is so frustrating for Hamilton. Cannot get past Gasly. Not sure DRS would even help him, with so many cars in close proximity.

Schumacher goes off, spins, but gets it back together to rejoin the track. He’s back in 18th - disappointing for him having started 10th.

Messy in the pit lane...

14:41 , Matt Verri

14:41 , Matt Verri

23/63: Still no DRS - not sure why that is.

Ocon receives a five-second time penalty for that unsafe release.

Leclerc has the slipstream behind Perez... can he get past this time? No. Ferrari is being frustrated. Verstappen now nearly eight seconds clear at the front.

14:38 , Matt Verri

22/63: It was a disastrous stop for Bottas, must have lost about seven or eight seconds. He’s still in sixth but about ten seconds behind Russell.

Stewards investigating that incident between Ocon and Hamilton in the pits. The Mercedes is down in 14th now, despite putting in a fastest lap of the race.

Leclerc rapidly closing the gap to Perez. About half a second behind.

14:36 , Matt Verri

20/63: It is CARNAGE in the pit lane. It’s a free for all as pretty much ever car piles in.

Contact betweeen Ocon and Hamilton too as neither gives way. Leclerc and Verstappen both into the pits.

Right then. It’s Verstappen back out in front, Leclerc into second ahead of Perez! Big boost for Ferrari.

Perez has the warm tyres and the grip though... RETAKES SECOND!

14:34 , Matt Verri

19/63: A number of drivers have seen enough. Vettel, Albon and Gasly all into the pits. Ricciardo’s times are impressive, think it’s the time to make the switch.

Red Bull pit crew are out... Perez in to put on the mediums. Russell follows him and does the same.

Marc Mayo at Imola

14:32 , Matt Verri

There’s the gambling backmarker. Ricciardo pits for the second time and straps on the Medium slicks. We have our guinea pig!

14:32 , Matt Verri

18/63: DRS still not enabled, despite the track looking pretty much dry now.

Ricciardo, at the back of the field, is into the pits for a second time. On come the slicks - he’s got nothing to lose!

We’ll soon see whether that’s a good idea or not.

14:29 , Matt Verri

16/63: Verstappen tells his team he’s starting to struggle for grip.

Tsunoda, Stroll and Hamilton all within touching distance of each other. Hamilton at the back of the trio and struggling to make any ground.

14:27 , Matt Verri

15/63: Bottas up into sixth as he cruises past Magnussen as well.

Russell has had a great start to the race and is up to fifth - his teammate Hamilton is down in 11th and trying to get past Stroll.

Leclerc closing the gap to Perez, now under two seconds. Verstappen a further six seconds clear at the front though.

14:24 , Matt Verri

13/63: Russell past this time!

Oh hang on... he’s then gone wide and Magnussen takes the place back. And this has all enabled Bottas to close right up behind the two of them.

Wasn’t particularly friendly the last time Russell and Bottas went toe-to-toe at Imola...

Russell again, and he makes it stick! This time he is up to fifth. Great move.

Marc Mayo at Imola

14:22 , Matt Verri

Teams will be keen to stay out as long as possible with more rain on its way. We may see a few at the back gambling on slicks once the track is dry enough in a couple of laps time nonetheless.

14:22 , Matt Verri

11/63: Russell closing in on Magnussen in the battle for fifth - great start for the Mercedes man to this race. He’s about three tenths behind.

He’s got the slipstream... can he get round on the outside? Not quite. Magnussen holds him off for now.

14:19 , Matt Verri

9/63: Cheers go up... Leclerc gets the move done!

He’s past Norris and into the third. Perez the next man on the agenda - Leclerc about three seconds behind him, and double that away from Verstappen.

Alonso took damage to the side of his car as Schumacher spun on the first lap, massive hole on the car.

14:17 , Matt Verri

8/63: Hamilton past Alonso and into 11th - Alonso is into the pits with damage to his car. In fact that’s his race over, they can’t fix that.

We’re two cars down. Verstappen now has a lead of more than three seconds over Perez at the front, he’s absolutely flying.

Leclerc struggling to close the gap to Norris, it’s still hovering at about 0.5s.

Heartbreak for Ferrari...

14:15 , Matt Verri

14:14 , Matt Verri

6/63: Leclerc closes right up behind Norris as they restart, he needs to get past that McLaren as soon as possible.

Nice move from Vettel to get past Alonso in midfield. Verstappen has got away again, and he has teammate Perez behind who could prove crucial in holding Leclerc up later on.

The Ferrari about half a second behind Norris.

14:12 , Matt Verri

4/63: Schumacher was caught up in the trouble and he’s dropped all the way down to 17th as he took evasive action.

Safety car coming in at the end of this lap. Talk on the radio continues to be about rain coming in 20 minutes.

14:09 , Matt Verri

3/63: So as they follow behind the safety care, here’s how they look. Verstappen, Perez, Norris, Leclerc, Magnussen, Russell, Bottas, Alonso, Vettel, Tsunoda.

Ricciardo into the pits, he’ll rejoin at the back of the field.

14:07 , Matt Verri

Safety car is out. Replays of that Sainz incident show he was ahead going into the corner when he then had contact with Ricciardo.

Bottas did collide with the chaos in front, but doesn’t look to be too much damage for him.

Ricciardo says he was pushed into Sainz - he’s able to continue.

Marc Mayo at Imola

14:05 , Matt Verri

Another disaster for Sainz! For the second race in a row, and the second time this weekend, he’s out and leaves his team in the lurch. It was also a torrid getaway for Leclerc and Red Bull are firmly in control of this race.


14:04 , Matt Verri

Here we go!

It’s a much better start from Verstappen, he’s off the line quickly... as is Perez! He’s got past Leclerc already.

AND SAINZ SPINS OFF! Ricciardo has taken Sainz out a matter of seconds into the race, another disastrous start for him. He’s stuck in the gravel too, his race is over.

Yellow flags. Been a sensational start from Russell, he’s up to sixth already. The two Red Bulls lead the way.

14:01 , Matt Verri

Away they go on the formation lap.

Track is drying out quickly in parts - but Gasly is told on his radio that they’re expecting more rain in about 20/25 minutes.

Every car is on inters for the start of the race.

13:59 , Matt Verri

It’s very nearly time for to get this race underway!

Rain has gone for now, though there is a risk it could return later in the afternoon. Plenty of uncertainty.

13:54 , Matt Verri

Reminder of how it stands in the world championship race...

Leclerc has a 40-point lead at the top, over his teammate Sainz. Russell is a point further back, despite Mercedes’ woes.

Verstappen is 45 points behind Leclerc, with Lewis Hamilton five points behind the Dutchman.

Red Bull looking for strong afternoon

13:50 , Matt Verri

Big afternoon for Red Bull, who will have to put their reliability issues behind them.

Verstappen has been impressive when he’s been able to finish a session this season - unfortunately for him too often he has been denied by issues out of his hands.

13:47 , Matt Verri

A typically rousing rendition of the Italian national anthem, as the jets fly overhead.

Thousands of Ferrari fans in the crowd who will be hoping it gets played again in a couple of hours!

Marc Mayo at Imola

13:45 , Matt Verri

Just 15 minutes until lights out and we have some of the great and the good of Ferrari history on the grid, including Jean Alesi and Felipe Massa.

Former England manager Fabio Capello is also out there, although that tends not to be his introduction in these parts.

More positive news for Mercedes...

13:43 , Matt Verri

13:36 , Matt Verri

George Russell says the track was drier than he thought it would be, thinks the slicks could be on the cards later.

He looks absolutely horrified when asked if he’s having the same engine issues at Hamilton - safe to say he didn’t know his teammate was having any problems. Russell could do without having those thoughts in his head...

Hamilton with issues already

13:30 , Matt Verri

“Engine not running smoothly.”

Problems with the car, problems staying on track. Hamilton’s day is not off to a flyer.

Marc Mayo at Imola

13:27 , Matt Verri

Almost all of the drivers are heading to the grid on Wets to try and shift the water on track. The rain has stopped but don’t count out it returning at some point. A Haas skips over a chicane as it struggles for gip on its out lap - but Inters are surely going to be the starting tyre of choice.

Helpful stuff from McLaren...

13:22 , Matt Verri

Wolff: This is a new low for Mercedes

13:16 , Matt Verri

Toto Wolff has declared Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finishing out of the points in Saturday’s Emilia Romagna sprint race as a new low point for Mercedes’ season.

The team had enjoyed a relatively positive opening three races despite low expectations of their 2022 car, which came to bear at Imola as the grid for today’s race was set.

Starting 11th and 13th in the 100km sprint, Russell and Hamilton made no progress with the veteran in fact losing a place to the AlphaTauri of Yuki Tsunoda to justify the fears surrounding the Silver Arrows.

“Today marks the low [point] of these first four races,” team boss Wolff said afterwards.

“It’s obvious we are not anywhere near the fight at the front. It would be pretty unrealistic to claim to have a slot among the frontrunners for the championship.”

Click here for the full story on that

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Norris to shine in the rain?

13:10 , Matt Verri

Marc Mayo at Imola

13:02 , Matt Verri

The rain has just lightened up a touch and some sun is even peeking through the clouds. Perhaps this could deliver us an ideal wet/dry race rather than one in a downpour that needs to start under the safety car.

Hamilton: We’re not fighting for the championship

12:56 , Matt Verri

Another frustrating afternoon for Mercedes yesterday, which means Lewis Hamilton will start the race in 14th.

The team haven’t been able to address the problems that have plagued them all season and it means they are fighting in parts of the grid not seen for many years.

“It is what it is and it is what we have - we haven’t got it right this year but everyone is working hard to correct it,” Hamilton said.

“It wasn’t the greatest of years in 2013 but we’ve had great years since then. We stick together and try to motivate everyone.

“We are obviously not fighting for the championship but we are fighting to improve the car and progress through the year.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How Verstappen secured pole...

12:50 , Matt Verri

Verstappen on conditions

12:45 , Matt Verri

“We weren’t expecting this much rain. It’s very wet right now, but it doesn’t matter. It makes it even more exciting!

“The start is always very important. With these conditions, even during the race a lot of things can happen.”

Rain continues to fall...

12:41 , Matt Verri

Leclerc: The support is amazing

12:36 , Matt Verri

Charles Leclerc has had a brilliant start to the season but it was a rare disappointment yesterday as Verstappen got past him late on.

The Ferrari man will be hoping the huge number of fans roaring him on today will inspire another race victory.

“We struggled with the tyres at the end so we need to analyse that for tomorrow and make sure we are ready,” Leclerc said.

“The pace was good until then but we started to have some graining and lost it at the end”

“Every time we are in Italy we have so much support and it is amazing to see so many people in the stands.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Verstappen: Race will be different

12:29 , Matt Verri

Max Verstappen was delighted to win yesterday’s sprint race, and take eight points in the process, but he knows this afternoon will be a very different test.

“The start was very bad,” Verstappen said.

“I don’t know exactly what happened but after that we had to stay calm. Initially it looked like Charles had more pace but I think he ran out of tyres and I was able to close the gap.

“I know tomorrow will be different. Happy to have a clean sprint race in the end.

“I am happy about today but I know tomorrow - with other tyre compounds coming in - it will be different.”

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Starting grid

12:22 , Matt Verri

So then, here’s how they will start this afternoon’s race.

Verstappen on the front row alongside Leclerc. That’s how they began the sprint race, but the Ferrari quickly got ahead of Verstappen, who had a poor start.

Strong performance from McLaren, who will line up in fifth and sixth. Not so for Mercedes - Russell in 11th, Hamilton 14th. Yes, 14th.

Marc Mayo at Imola

12:15 , Matt Verri

It’s a wet one here at Imola, after a deceptively sunny morning. The driver parade has begun with the drivers cowering from the damp as they wave to the fans, and the stands typically painted red for Ferrari but right now a sea of umbrellas.

How to watch the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

12:09 , Matt Verri

TV channel: The race will be shown live on Sky Sports F1, with coverage beginning at 12.30pm before lights out at 2pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also tune in via the Sky Go app.

Highlights: Channel 4 will be airing full free-to-air race highlights at 6.30pm.

Live blog: You can keep up to date with the race as it happens right here!

Good afternoon!

12:02 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix!

It’s Max Verstappen who starts on pole, after he took victory in yesterday’s sprint race ahead of Charles Leclerc. The two of them look set to fight it out once again.

With Marc Mayo at Imola for us, we’ll have all the latest updates and build-up ahead of the race getting underway at 2pm BST at the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari. Stay tuned!

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