F1 LIVE! Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race result, updates and latest news and Max Verstappen wins

F1 LIVE! Abu Dhabi Grand Prix race result, updates and latest news and Max Verstappen wins


Double world champion Max Verstappen signed off on a dominant 2022 Formula One campaign with a record-extending 15th win of the year in Sunday’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as Charles Leclerc secured second in the overall standings.

The Dutchman, who wrapped up the title last month in Japan with four races to spare, was unchallenged as he led from pole position to chequered flag. He crossed the line 8.7 seconds ahead of Leclerc, who having made just one stop, held on to second ahead of Verstappen’s two-stopping team mate Sergio Perez to edge him in their battle for second.

The pair had gone into the race level on points with Leclerc ahead on a countback of wins. Sunday’s victory was the 35th of Verstappen’s career and second in a row at the Yas Marina track. Lewis Hamilton retired from the race due to a late hydraulics failure.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix highlights

  • LIGHTS OUT! Hamilton and Sainz tangle

  • PENALTY! Russell unsafe release

  • OVERTAKE! Perez gets Hamilton to target Leclerc

  • DNF! Hamilton retires

  • CHEQUERED FLAG! Verstappen wins

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15:07 , Marc Mayo

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Recap the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with our race report!


Final standings

15:01 , Marc Mayo

Charles Leclerc beat Sergio Perez to second place in the 2022 F1 Drivers’ Championship.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix podium reflected the final standings overall as Max Verstappen cruised to victory.

Lewis Hamilton’s DNF denied him fifth as Carlos Sainz jumped the Mercedes driver and Daniel Ricciardo held off Sebastian Vettel on the last lap to maintain 11th place.

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Countdown to 2023

14:57 , Marc Mayo

Just 105 days to go until it starts all over again in Bahrain...

The champagne!

14:53 , Marc Mayo

F1 waves goodbye with a fizzy dousing on the podium, and there is no more fitting a sight for 2022 than Max Verstappen standing atop it.

The fans have their say

14:47 , Marc Mayo

Sebastian Vettel on the grid

14:42 , Marc Mayo

“I wish it had been a couple more points but I enjoyed the race. We didn’t go for maybe the best strategy but overall a big day and big thank you to the supporters. It has been very special. I’m sure I’m gonna miss it more than I understand right now.”

Max Verstappen reacts

14:40 , Marc Mayo

“It was a good race, all about tyre management. Incredible to win again here, 15th win of the season is unbelievable. It’s been really enjoyable to achieve something like this, this year. It’ll be hard to replicate this but it’s good motivation for next year.”

Donuts for Vettel!

14:36 , Marc Mayo

The four-time champion goes out in style on the grid, receiving a rapturous reception from the fans.

14:35 , Marc Mayo

14:34 , Marc Mayo

“Yes mate, we got it,” says a very relieved Leclerc as he and Verstappen do donuts on the grid.

Vettel vs Ricciardo

14:32 , Marc Mayo

Aston Martin will jump Alfa Romeo if Vettel can get Ricciardo on the last lap... it’s ninth for the Aussie and tenth for Vettel as he crosses the chequered flag for the final time!

Chequered flag!

14:31 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen wins!

Further back, Perez is sloppy through the chicane and that is that... Leclerc grabs second place in the Drivers’ Championship!

Final lap!

14:30 , Marc Mayo

A 1.9-second gap as these two take their fight for second place to the wire.

Fittingly, Verstappen is well clear in front.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:29 , Marc Mayo

Lap 57/58: Back to the fight for second... Perez is 1.8 seconds behind Leclerc.

Will we get a last-lap scrap?

Nightmare for Lewis Hamilton

14:27 , Marc Mayo

Lap 56/58: That looks like that for Hamilton... Mercedes confirm a hydraulic issue as he limps home.

That’s his first mechanical DNF this season.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:26 , Marc Mayo

Lap 55/58: Red Bull tell Perez he’ll get Leclerc on the last lap.

No such luck for Hamilton as he has Sainz very nearly in DRS territory for what could be a speedy overtake for the Ferrari.

“I’ve lost shifts, shifts aren’t working for me!” Hamilton says as he slows right down - stuck in seventh gear...

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:23 , Marc Mayo

Lap 53/58: Six tenths and then eighth tenths shaved off Leclerc’s advantage by Perez in the last two laps, which may not be quite enough at this stage.

The Ferrari driver is doing a very fine job right now.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:20 , Marc Mayo

Lap 52/58: Two battles up front to keep an eye on, then.

Leclerc in second is 6.6 seconds clear of Perez, who is on fresher tyres.

Likewise, Sainz is 6.1 seconds behind Hamilton in the fight for fourth.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:18 , Marc Mayo

Lap 49/58: “How did we get the strategy so wrong?” asks Vettel as he sees Stroll ease past into 10th place.

Ahead of the Canadian is Ricciardo, with Norris and Ocon also in the points behind the six frontrunners.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:13 , Marc Mayo

Lap 47/68: Once again through Turn 9, Perez makes it stick and he is now 9.8 seconds off Leclerc.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:12 , Marc Mayo

Lap 45/58: A bit of a lock-up from Perez into the first chicane as he catches Hamilton but he’s out of shape into Turn 9 and the Mercedes comes back to retake third place!

Surely a matter of time until he gets the job done, mind.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:10 , Marc Mayo

Laps 44/58: Verstappen has eased into a 7.3-second lead over Leclerc, who has Hamilton 8.9 seconds behind as he pleads with Mercedes to pit him once more.

Ferrari are asking Leclerc to come in but he wants to stay out. Perez is catching, and fast.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:06 , Marc Mayo

Lap 42/58: A five-second penalty for Schumacher for punting off Latifi in that earlier incident.

The replays, to be fair, show the Canadian was pretty blameless.

Russell pits!

14:04 , Marc Mayo

Lap 40/58: That five-second penalty is served by the Mercedes and he will come out behind Norris, as does Sainz who gets an overtake done quickly on fresher tyres.

Latifi crashes!

14:02 , Marc Mayo

It wouldn’t be an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix without the Canadian in the wall!

He tangles with Schumacher but both manage to pull themselves out the barrier.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

14:01 , Marc Mayo

20 laps to go!

Perez is clocking up some fastest laps as he and Hamilton chase down Russell.

There may be a lot of work left for him to do, though, as Ferrari contemplate a one-stopper.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:57 , Marc Mayo

Lap 36/58: Hamilton begins to push back on Russell with a 1.8-second gap, and a five-second penalty coming up for last week’s race winner.

Red Bull ask Verstappen to manage his tyres better, perhaps moving towards a one-stopper as Leclerc cuts the gap to the leader to five seconds.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:54 , Marc Mayo

Lap 33/58: The gap is down to Leclerc is down to 1.3 seconds and Perez pits!

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:49 , Marc Mayo

Lap 31/58: Perez complains that Verstappen is holding him up!

Dirty air off the back of the world champion will be affecting him somewhat but it would be a hell of a sight to see Verstappen drop back two seconds to concede the lead.

Leclerc now has the fastest lap as he closes in, that gap down to 2.3 seconds.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:47 , Marc Mayo

Lap 29/58: A bit of fun for Vettel now as he romps past Magnussen and Gasly having dropped to 19th on his pit stop.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:46 , Marc Mayo

Lap 28/58: Perez holds the fastest lap but has dropped to a couple of seconds behind Verstappen, who looks like he won’t be able to help his teammate secure second in the standings.

Further back, Alonso is forced to retire. His time at Alpine ends by being wheeled into the garage. Fitting.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:42 , Marc Mayo

Lap 26/58: Vettel complains that he’s been left a “sitting duck” on a one-stopper but he remains eighth and three seconds clear of Ocon, who also in theory needs to stop again.

A long-game experiment from Aston Martin on the veteran’s final race. In he comes for Hards - and it’s a slow stop!

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:40 , Marc Mayo

Lap 24/58: Hamilton jumps Vettel to return to sixth, and he’s actually over five seconds behind Russell to negate his teammate’s time penalty.

Leclerc’s pit-stop brought him back out with Sainz right on his tail but he’s extended out a 1.4-second lead.

Perez is 4.9 ahead in second.

Penalty for Russell!

13:35 , Marc Mayo

A five-second time penalty for Russell as he swoops past Vettel due to that unsafe release.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:34 , Marc Mayo

Lap 21/58: Out trot Red Bull and Verstappen pits for Hard tyres.

That leaves Leclerc as the new leader, who is yet to pit, and the world champion is only just ahead of Perez as he returns to track.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:33 , Marc Mayo

Lap 19/58: Sainz is the next to reach Alonso and Vettel, who are yet to pit. The Aston Martin continues to put up a stout fight, though!

Hamilton pits and comes out ninth, still behind Russell.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:29 , Marc Mayo

Lap 17/58: Vettel is doing his old team no favours!

After complaining about Red Bull holding him up in qualifying, he has Perez swooping past but comes back to retake the place! He holds up the Mexican for a lap as Sainz pits.

Replays showing Russell’s slow stop resulted in a stonewall unsafe release, that will be a penalty.

Perez pits!

13:27 , Marc Mayo

Maybe it was the tyres dropping off for Perez and he straps on Hards, a 2.4-second stop.

But a 5.2-second stop for Russell - that’s a slow one!

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:25 , Marc Mayo

Lap 16/58: Leclerc has dragged Perez to within a second in the battle for second.

Is the Mexican dropping off or just conserving his tyres? Because Verstappen is now six seconds clear out in front.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:23 , Marc Mayo

Lap 13/58: Just about approaching the two-stop pit window, which may be tempting for those stuck in DRS trains.

Speaking of which, Stroll pits first.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:20 , Marc Mayo

Lap 11/58: No time wasted for Russell in breaking DRS, he is now 1.9 seconds off Sainz as Mercedes look to catch Ferrari in the Constructors’ Championship.

“Degradation is lower than expected,” say Ferrari. “I don’t agree,” shoots back Sainz. Leclerc is 3.2 seconds up the road.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:17 , Marc Mayo

Lap 9/58: Russell overtakes Hamilton under DRS! A clean move into Turn 9 and the seven-time champion is really struggling.

Did he pick up damage in that first-lap run over the chicane?

“I’m losing power, what’s going on?” he asks.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:16 , Marc Mayo

Lap 8/58: Sainz looked in danger of losing out to Russell but he comes right back to nab fourth place off Hamilton!

“You’re free to race,” Mercedes tell the younger of the British drivers.

Further back, Vettel fights Ocon for eighth but cannot make his move stick.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:12 , Marc Mayo

Lap 6/58: Russell has got Norris back and now Russell will challenge Sainz.

Verstappen has a 2.3-second lead over Perez, who is 2.5 ahead of Leclerc as Red Bull ask him to look after his tyres.

Hamilton is 1.4-seconds off Leclerc and Russell has Sainz’s rear wing right on his nose.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:10 , Marc Mayo

Sainz overtakes Hamilton for fourth as the stewards ask him to return the position, the Ferrari having edged ahead as they scrapped at the chicane.

It was a bumpy ride for the Merc over the bumps but he did then comfortably dart off into the distance.

And they’re back scrapping out on track... and Hamilton makes it stick into Turn 9!

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:07 , Marc Mayo

Lap 4/58: Norris has grabbed sixth off Russell in that start with Albon up three and Stroll up two in the midfield. Vettel remains ninth in the other Aston Martin.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

13:06 , Marc Mayo

Leclerc throws it down the inside of the hairpin but Perez holds on, that sends the Ferrari towards Hamilton at the long back straight but Sainz slides in down the inside of the chicance and the Mercedes is forced off track!

Hamilton doesn’t give the place up, Sainz complains “he did exactly the same last year with Verstappen”. No further action, say the stewards.


13:04 , Marc Mayo

Verstappen holds off Perez at Turn 1 and Hamilton gets past Sainz for fourth!

Formation lap!

12:59 , Marc Mayo

So, Medium tyres for the top 15 runners, a couple of Hards at the back, for Magnussen and Bottas, aside from Gasly in 16th on Softs. That’s a curveball.

For one final time in 2022...

12:55 , Marc Mayo

Let’s race!

Max Verstappen lines up on pole position ahead of Sergio Perez. The Ferrari pair of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are third and fourth, with Lewis Hamilton fifth and George Russell sixth in the Mercedes.

Tyre strategy


A one or two-stop strategy tipped for the race, no one is quite sure which is quicker...

Time for the national anthem!

12:47 , Marc Mayo

The final race of the season is on the horizon...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

A guard of honour for Gasly

12:41 , Marc Mayo

Alpine beckons for the French driver as he says goodbye to AlphaTauri.

F1 news you may have missed this week

12:35 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Ricciardo set for Red Bull return

12:29 , Marc Mayo

Daniel Ricciardo completes his F1 career with McLaren today ahead of a move back to Red Bull, as their reserve driver.

“Ricciardo will be our third driver," Red Bull boss Marko told broadcaster Sky Germany on Friday.

“We have so many sponsors, we have to do show runs and the like, so of course he’s one of the most high-profile and best-suited.”

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Pit lane open!

12:24 , Marc Mayo

For the last time in 2022, the drivers depart their garages to tour the track and line up on the grid.

One last jog around the track

12:22 , Marc Mayo

A track run with a difference last night as Sebastian Vettel pulled together a huge crowd from the paddock to jog around Yas Marina Circuit.

Not just Red Bull focusing on second place today

12:19 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz says he will do what he can to help Charles Leclerc hold off Sergio Perez for second place in the championship.

He said: “I think if Charles needs it, I will give him a hand, but I guess first he needs to beat Checo himself in the championship,.

“I'll focus on my own race and trying to finish the season with a podium, on a high, but if the team asks me to let him by or help him in the fight with Checo I will do so.

“We need to play by the moment and see where everyone is at what time. I've never had a problem with letting anyone by in the race with any teammate.”

Looking back to Abu Dhabi 2021

12:14 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen reveals he “felt for” Lewis Hamilton after last year’s shock title showdown result, and discusses how the Brit’s late championship snatch in 2008 could have helped him overcome the disappointment.

Norbert Vettel in the spotlight

12:07 , Marc Mayo

Sebastian Vettel’s dad has been a real star of the paddock this weekend!

Countdown to lights out

12:01 , Marc Mayo

One hour until the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix begins!

So much quality Sebastian Vettel content today

11:56 , Marc Mayo

The fondest of farewells to savour in F1 today.

The battle for second place

11:53 , Marc Mayo

Sergio Perez starts second on the grid today and he has to beat Charles Leclerc to claim second place in the world championship.

They sit level on 290 points with the Ferrari driver holding a slight edge due to three race wins to two.

Leclerc starts third and Max Verstappen, on pole, has said he will try to help Red Bull teammate Perez secure the silver medal.

Squad photo

11:48 , Marc Mayo

The class of 2022 unite for one last time.

Kimi Raikkonen congratulates Sebastian Vettel

11:42 , Marc Mayo

A warm message from the German’s old Ferrari teammate.

McLaren begin recruitment drive

11:39 , Marc Mayo

A big push in unfolding at McLaren as team principal Andreas Seidl has laid out plans to hire a new set of engineers to allow the team to focus on current-year and next-year cars in tandem.

He explained the work that has gone into the team’s finances to ensure best efficiency with the cost cap, ahead of a new wind tunnel being built for next summer.

“That has allowed us now to start, pretty much two months ago, quite a significant campaign of hiring more engineers to simply have more people available, in order to be able in the future to do things more in parallel,” said Seidl.

“I think that's definitely one of the weaknesses we're having currently in the team. And hopefully, with getting more of these engineers on board in the next year, we will be able to make another step there.”

Patrice Evra pops up on the grid

11:33 , Marc Mayo

A big F1 fan, the former footballer is always good for a silly quote.

Any chance of a wet race?

11:27 , Marc Mayo


Well, one per cent, according to the forecast. But this is the desert and it is hot, 29°C to be exact.

That heat will not abate much as the sun goes down on Abu Dhabi, either. There is a light breeze, though.

A message from Ferrari

11:22 , Marc Mayo

Ferrari acknowledge “very tough” low points in the season as they thank their fans for 2022.

Even with Charles Leclerc’s missed chances, it’s hard to see how they would have won the title in hindsight.

Starting grid

11:13 , Marc Mayo

Two by two by two on the front three rows today as Red Bull lead Ferrari, followed by Mercedes.

How to watch

11:07 , Marc Mayo

TV channel: In the UK, the race will be shown live on Sky Sports Main Event and F1. Coverage of Grand Prix Sunday starts at 11.30am and 12.30pm on the two channels, respectively.

Free highlights will be available to watch on Channel 4 at 5.30pm.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers can also stream the race action live online via the SkyGo app.

Max Verstappen pays tribute to Sebastian Vettel

11:01 , Marc Mayo

A helmet swap between the only drivers to bring the F1 championship to Red Bull.

Max Verstappen posts on Instagram: “Seb, you will be missed. On track, but even more for the wonderful person that you are.”

Full 2023 grid confirmed

10:44 , Marc Mayo

Three rookies, six seat changes and 20 drivers all booked and ready to do it all again next year.

Check out the full driver line-up for 2023!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Logan Sargeant confirmed for Williams seat

10:27 , Marc Mayo

The 2023 F1 grid line-up is offically complete as Logan Sargeant secures fourth place in F2 with the feature race in Abu Dhabi.

That means he has bagged the ‘superlicence’ necessary for the American to compete in F1 next year.

Nicholas Latifi heads for pastures new

10:21 , Marc Mayo

Just the two points for Nicholas Latifi this year, his third and likely last in F1.

A D grade would be fair for the Canadian, who has been outpaced by Alex Albon for much of the year.

A fond farewell for Sebastian Vettel

09:50 , Marc Mayo

Lots of tributes are pouring in for Sebastian Vettel on his final day as an F1 driver, including this one from old team Red Bull for the four-time world champion.

Money on the line for Haas

09:17 , Marc Mayo

Mick Schumacher starts 13th with Kevin Magussen 16th for Haas in Abu Dhabi, with just a two-point margin over AlphaTauri in the battle for eighth in the Constructors’ Championship.

Each place comes with an extra slice of cash in prize money, so plenty of reason for them to target a final points finish.

Mercedes team photo

09:12 , Marc Mayo

A warm, genuine thanks from George Russell to his Mercedes team this morning.

It has been an oddly consistent first year for the Brit at the team, as amid their struggles he strung together a long opening stretch of top-five results and eventually his maiden F1 win.

Perhaps a B+ for Russell in 2022.

Hello and welcome!

09:04 , Marc Mayo

What a year in F1 it has been. The slump and semi-revival of the sport’s dominant team, an imperious victor emerging from a title scrap that faded quickly, and a surprisingly high amount of needle inside the paddock.

Today, it all comes to an end for 2022 with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at 1pm GMT.

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Hamilton surprised by Mercedes struggles

Saturday 19 November 2022 21:36 , George Flood

Lewis Hamilton has admitted his surprise at Mercedes’ lack of pace during qualifying today.

The Briton will start fifth on the grid in Abu Dhabi tomorrow, with team-mate George Russell sixth just one week after Mercedes’ dream one-two at Sao Paulo.

"We thought that this would be a difficult race, but through the weekend so far we weren't looking like we were eight tenths down," Hamilton told Sky Sports F1.

"So it's a bit of a surprise in qualifying to be so far behind them.”

Saturday 19 November 2022 19:25 , Jonathan Gorrie

Going out with a bang

Saturday 19 November 2022 18:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Versappen reacts

Saturday 19 November 2022 17:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

Qualfiying report

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:56 , Marc Mayo

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez made a pointed reference to their team focus after Red Bull locked out the front row of qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Following the fall-out of their team orders row in Brazil as Perez looks to snatch second place in the F1 Drivers’ Championship off Charles Leclerc, a strong front of unity was put up at Yas Marina Circuit on Saturday.

Join us tomorrow for live coverage of the race...

Recap the action from qualifying with our report!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The latest of many landmarks for Max Verstappen

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:42 , Marc Mayo

Lando Norris reviews McLaren’s season

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:31 , Marc Mayo

“From where we were in race one, we’ve recovered well. Did we achieve what we should have done? No. If we want to win races, we can’t be satisfied with where we’ve been this season. But we can be satisfied with the progress we’ve made.”

Carlos Sainz gives his take to Sky Sports

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:27 , Marc Mayo

“[Red Bull] are within reach but they are quicker and faster. The important thing today is we beat the Mercedes and we have a good chance of beating them tomorrow. Personally, I would love to finish the season with a podium.”

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff on Sky Sports

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:20 , Marc Mayo

”I think that’s one to put in the toilet. We didn’t get the job done, we went backwards [Red Bull] took a step forwards. We went for more downforce to protect the tyres in the race, we’ll see.”

Mercedes settle for fifth and sixth

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:14 , Marc Mayo

No repeat of the Brazil heroics for Mercedes on the Saturday, and the race could be a tough one too.

And Charles Leclerc reviews his P3 grid slot

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:08 , Marc Mayo

“I locked up in turn six, seven but to be honest this is the place we deserve. The Red Bull was stronger but we’re still in quite a good place. It’s going to be trick but we’ll give it all.”

Sergio Perez up next

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:07 , Marc Mayo

“It’s a good place, I just didn’t make that final step in Q3. We were a bit behind. Max did a great job for me on that final run. It’s going to be an interesting [race] given how strong Ferrari, Mercedes will be.”

Max Verstappen reacts

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:05 , Marc Mayo

“It was a bit of an up and down qualfiying, started quite well. Q2 was a bit more messy, Q3 felt a bit more normal. We had a bit of a scare - the car turned off and had to reboot everything.”

Final classification

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:04 , Marc Mayo

Ninth place on the grid for the retiring Sebastian Vettel.

Chequered flag!

Saturday 19 November 2022 15:01 , Marc Mayo

Leclerc tops Perez but is a tenth off Verstappen before Sainz fails to improve.

Verstappen next, adding a tenth and a half to his time before Perez jumps the Ferraris!

Hamilton bagged the best first sector but can only manage fifth, and he beats Russell.

A Red Bull one-two!

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying

Saturday 19 November 2022 14:59 , Marc Mayo

Leclerc is the first of the frontrunners to begin another hot lap and Verstappen will give a bit of a tow to Perez for Red Bull’s last run.

Into the final minute we go...

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying

Saturday 19 November 2022 14:57 , Marc Mayo

Seventh for Vettel, a six-tenth lead of Ocon with the McLarens yet to put in a time.

Across comes Ricciardo and he sets a 1:25.054, just behind his old teammate.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying

Saturday 19 November 2022 14:55 , Marc Mayo

With one last set of new Softs left, Vettel is out now to put in a solitary hot lap.

This will be the German’s very last qualifying lap in F1 (and maybe the same for Ricciardo, who is also out now).

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying

Saturday 19 November 2022 14:53 , Marc Mayo

A wobbly final corner costs Perez!

He’s only second with 0.035 seconds his gap to Sainz, who loses top spot after Verstappen puts in a 1:23.988.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying

Saturday 19 November 2022 14:52 , Marc Mayo

Red Bull keep Verstappen back for a moment to deal with a minor issue, which has been fixed but may upset their slipstream plans.

Hamilton comes across the Dutchman’s out-lap on his first quick run. A 1:24.678 is a personal best for him today.

Russell is only 0.016 behind to go second.

In come the Ferraris and Sainz grabs provisional pole, with a 1:24.281, six hundredths quicker than Leclerc’s time.

F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix qualifying

Saturday 19 November 2022 14:49 , Marc Mayo

The two Mercedes head out on used tyres ahead of the Ferrari cars as the 12-minute session begins.

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