F1 qualifying clash with Le Mans no concern for Azerbaijan Grand Prix organisers as fans forced to pick

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Azerbaijan Grand Prix bosses are not concerned about the upcoming clash between Formula One qualifying and the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

F1 will decide its grid at 3pm BST on Saturday with the session set to begin just as the iconic endurance race gets underway in France.

However, Arif Rahimov, the executive director of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, is confident that fans will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds as he admitted that viewers can switch off during Q1 in Baku.

“The most important part of Le Mans is the start of the race,” he told Motorsport. “But then the most important part of the qualifying is the end of the qualifying.

“So I think with that, we can have the TV audience watch both: the start of Le Mans and the end of the qualifying.

“There is not usually as much choice with how to move things around time wise. But like I mentioned, I'd be disappointed if the start of Le Mans was clashing with the end of the qualifying. Since it's clashing with the start, I think that will still bring all the spectators in.”

Fans will also face a conundrum on Sunday with the F1 race starting at 12pm BST, as the final hours begin before the chequered flag is thrown at Le Mans.

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