Face of Coventry knifeman behind KFC 'horror film' stabbing

This is the face of a Coventry thug behind a knife attack outside a KFC that left his young victim feeling he had been in a 'horror film'. Alwayne Barnes of Laneside was armed with a Stanley knife and attacked Aiden Fox outside the eatery in Nottingham.

He stabbed the 20-year-old four times – in the chest, back and shoulders. Mr Fox said, in his victim statement, that the first time he saw himself in the mirror, after the assault, what was looking back at him “was like something out of a horror film'.

Nottingham Police say the attack was instigated when Barnes, who is 44, and a group he was with catcalled Mr Fox's 18-year-old sister as she walked across the car park.

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When she got into a waiting car and reported what had just happened, the driver headed towards the exit while staring at Barnes. Without any further provocation, the 44-year-old shouted at the motorist and made a beeline straight for the vehicle when it stopped in Woodborough Road.

Barnes then punched the driver, an 18-year-old, in the face through an open window, before heading to the passenger side when Mr Fox got out. It was then that he repeatedly stabbed him.

When the driver got out to help and tried to restrain Barnes, he then lashed out at him – slashing his arm with the blade in the process. By that stage,Barnes' associates Carl Pearson, Charlene Reid and Dale Burton had also run over to the car. They all joined in with the assault.

Alwayne Barnes from Coventry who has been jailed for the stabbing outside KFC
Alwayne Barnes from Coventry who has been jailed for the stabbing outside KFC -Credit:Nottinghamshire Police

While Pearson and Burton both threw punches at the two men, Reid pulled the woman out of the vehicle and assaulted her too.

Police say that the attack, which happened at 3.30pm on September 7 2023, lasted less than 30 seconds, with Barnes and co all then fleeing from the scene. Meanwhile, the victims drove straight to hospital, where Mr Fox had to man have surgery after the knife attack punctured his lung.

On the way there, they flagged down the first police car they saw and passed on registration details for the other car, with officers scouring the area’s cameras to try and locate it.

Less than an hour later, officers tracked down the vehicle to a petrol station in Carlton, where they detained the foursome. While each went on to admit to being involved in violent disorder, all denied having deliberately stabbed anyone – with a trial being set for 26 February 2024 as a result.

Police say that Barnes maintained this lie until the week before going to trial, when detectives made him aware of the case which had been built against him. This included CCTV evidence and expert statements suggesting significant force would’ve been needed to cause the injuries seen with a Stanley knife.

(from left) Dale Burton, Alwayne Barnes, Carl Pearson, Charlene Reid
(from left) Dale Burton, Alwayne Barnes, Carl Pearson, Charlene Reid -Credit:Nottinghamshire Police

At that point, Barnes admitted he had been carrying the knife with him that day in case he needed to protect himself. Following this, he went on to plead guilty to wounding with intent and causing grievous bodily harm, along with possessing a knife in a public place, and violent disorder.

Judge Stuart Rafferty KC at Nottingham Crown Court described Barnes as a "dangerous offender". He was handed a sentence totalling 17 years and nine months. He will spend at least two thirds of his sentence in custody and will then have to serve an additional five years on extended licence when he's released.

Burton, of Duchess Gardens, Bulwell, and Pearson, of Hucknall Road, Carrington, were both jailed for two years and three months. Reid, of Eden Street, Coventry, was also handed a prison sentence of one year and eight months for her actions.

'Absolutely disgraceful'

Speaking after the crown court case, Detective Constable Charlotte Webster, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: "The level of violence demonstrated in this incident was absolutely disgraceful and left a young man in hospital with serious injuries.

"After the group he was with harassed an 18-year-old woman, all it took was a disapproving glance in his direction by the people she was with for Barnes to completely lose control. Armed with a Stanley knife, he then charged over to the car they were in and proceeded to stab one of the passengers multiple times, while also leaving the driver with a slash wound.

"Although this assault all took place over the space of just a few seconds, Burton, Pearson and Reid also took it upon themselves to get involved in the violent disorder, before fleeing from the scene with Barnes.

"Thanks to some excellent police work, our officers responding to this incident were able to track down and arrest all four of the attackers within an hour of it taking place.

"Barnes’ decision to carry a knife with him that day showed clear intent that he was prepared to use it, so we were pleased to see him finally own up to his actions in the days leading up to trial.

“Thankfully for everyone involved, nobody lost their life because of Barnes’ actions, but it’s clear that this could’ve quite easily resulted in devastating consequences."

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