FaceApp Challenge: Here are all of your favourite celebs in old age

Tobi Akingbade and Gareth Richman

Celebrities including Piers Morgan, Drake and the Jonas Brothers are having a blast digitally altering their faces to look older in an online challenge taking social media by a storm.

FaceApp has several filters that can alter faces to make them look younger, like a different gender, or older.

Launched in 2017, the platform is not exactly new but it is making headlines with its newest filter, which lets people age before their time.

The social media trend become an overnight sensation as the likes of Sam Smith and Rochelle Humes used the feature.

Social media users have also used the to alter photos of other stars like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Paul Rudd, and Justin Bieber, allowing them to see what stars would look like in 40 to 50 years time.

Rapper Drake proved that he can be a silver fox even when time takes its toll.

Piers Morgan also tested out the app on an image of himself hosting Good Morning Britain, captioning the image with: “I need a break”

His colleagues on the ITV show also joined in with the fun, joking that they had been prematurely aged by the "stresses of working on morning TV."

Gordon Ramsey also had a go and suggested that this is what he would look like hosting Season 50 of Master Chef.

Ludacris made a similar joke and said that the snap provided a sneak preview of what he and co-star Tyrese Gibson (left) would look like in Fast & Furious 50.

One fan even joked about Paul Rudd’s infamously youthful appearance by using an identical picture and claiming it was the app’s work

Nick Jonas also shared what he would look like 40 years from now.

His brothers and bandmates got in on the fun, sharing nodding to their cover of Busted's hit as they shared a photo of the trio and captioned it: "When you take a trip to the Year 3000."

Not missing a beat, Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown cited its lyrics as she commented: "Has much changed and do you live underwater?"

Sam Smith asked, “Grandpa or Grandma?” when posting his results on Instagram, adding: "I'll take both."

The app uses neural networks, a type of artificial intelligence, to edit the photos.

It can also swap your gender, put a smile on your face and make you look younger.