Facebook creates 'creepy' Couples page for all users - without warning

The new Friendship pages have shown up, unasked, for users who are 'Married' or 'In Relationships' (Image: Facebook)

Facebook has created special 'Couples' pages for people in relationships - and rolled the function out without warning.

Anyone who lists themselves as 'in a relationship' or 'Married' will find that the social network has created a special 'TimeLine' chronicling their love - accessed by clicking on their profile.

Not all users are delighted.

"Just found the completely unasked-for couples page that FB has created for me. Creepy and intrusive. just leave Facebook how it was," said one Twitter user.

"Hey, Facebook, my husband and I do not need a Facebook Couples page," another said.

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Others described it as 'creepy' and 'stupid'.

The page shows a shared Timeline, showing events, pictures and messages shared by a couple.

'Friendship' pages used to be an option on the site, but the social network has suddenly made the function compulsory.

Last week, a Facebook engineer announced changes to the pages - but offered no inkling that the pages would be 'forced' onto users.

It's the latest in a series of changes launched without warning by the site.

This summer, Facebook made changes to its messaging system which showed other users that people had seen their messages, even if they had not replied.

Tech site CNET claimed it 'forced' people to reply to messages.

The change, unveiled in summer this year, was so unpopular that there is a browser extension, Chat Undetected, built solely to turn the function off. Facebook itself offers no way to disable the function.

Facebook's more 'open' Timeline profile was also unpopular - but the site made it compulsory anyway.

Only a month after Timeline launched, a poll found that 86 per cent of people hated the new changes, the equivalent of 688 million people.

Early reaction to the new 'Friendship' pages has been similarly negative.

"Starting today, we're introducing a new layout for friendship pages," the post said last week.

"Friendship pages combine posts, photos and events that you and another person have shared. Click the gear menu at the top of a friend's timeline to see a friendship page.

"If you've listed yourself as "in a relationship" with someone, you can also visit to see the friendship page you share with that person."