Facebook Developing AI Tech That Can Describe Photos To The Blind

Facebook is working on a new artificial intelligence technology that can describe photos to people who are unable to see them.

The social network’s new tech would enable blind people to interact with shared photos in a way that isn’t currently possible.

In an online post, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said:

“Our AI can now look at a photo, figure out what’s in it and help explain it to you. This is especially helpful if you’re blind or can’t see the photo.

“We see AI as helping computers better understand the world – so they can be more helpful to people”.

A video posted alongside Zuckerberg’s statement shows several people with visual impairments testing out a prototype version of Facebook’s AI technology and explaining how useful it is to have audio descriptions of what is in each photo.

While the finished technology is still some way off, it shows what kind of innovative features the social network could offer in future.

“We’re still early with this technology, and you can already start to imagine how helpful it will be in the future,” said Zuckerberg.

Image credit: Facebook