Facebook Messenger is going to stop working on a lot of phones this week

Picture Rex
Picture Rex

There’s yet more bad news for Windows Phone users this week – with Facebook cutting its hugely popular Messenger app from a lot of devices this week.

From this week, Facebook Messenger will no longer run on any phone which runs Windows Phone 8.1 or earlier – which analysts believe is up to 76% of Windows phone users.

It’s the latest in a long run of hit apps to desert the beleaguered operating system – with Skype and WhatsApp recently withdrawing support.

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Last year, the market share for Windows Phone fell below 0.3% in Microsoft’s third financial quarter as the devices struggled to compete with Android and iOS.

Users were sent an email from Facebook this week saying, ‘’Thank you for choosing to use Messenger.

‘We regret to inform you that at the end of March, the app version you’re using is no longer supported and you can not send and receive messages.

‘To continue to send and receive messages from Facebook on your phone, update your Facebook app to the latest version.’

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