Faceless workers! Chinese staff wear special masks to relax smiling muscles

Workers at one Chinese firm didn’t have to grin and bear it - after bosses let them wear special face masks to relax their muscles used for smiling.

Property service company Woffice allowed staff to don black and white masks over their heads for the so-called “faceless day”, it’s widely reported.

They believed it would help employees relax, and reduce the social pressure for them to smile all day long to customers.

Most of the masks worn were black and white, with purple highlights.

They are replicas from the popular Japanese animated film “Spirited Away”, in which a ghostly figure known as “No Face” appears.

Other masks were also worn, with other office workers seen wearing the contemporary version of the Guy Fawkes mask that features in the popular film “V for Vendetta”.

Most employees, from security guards to office workers, chose to go with the the “No Face” look in order to encourage anonymity, it’s reported.

It was one of several “relaxation days” held by the Handan, Hebei Province, company over the last year.

(all pictures credited to CEN)

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