Facial grids and aura sprays: crystal healing for every single aspect of your life

Rosie Fitzmaurice

Crystal healing is the wellness trend of 2019, though, of course, they have been used for spiritual purposes since ancient times.

Crystals can have a correcting effect on our personal energy fields (otherwise known as aura), according to Aisha Amarfio, author of The Crystal Compass. They are said to transform a person's vibes into good ones by acting as conductors, amplifiers and purifiers depending on which type of crystal they are – read her guide on which crystals can help with what here.

While they are clearly not for everyone – cynics need not read on – many find comfort in their presence, including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham – trainers at cult-spin studio Soulcycle even keep an amethyst in the room to banish negativity while you ride. Way zen.

From jade combing to facial grids and aura sprays, here are the best ways to raise your vibrations from within with crystal healing.

Swap your body brush for a body comb

Hayo’u Beauty Restorer Comb (£38)

Already on the facial rolling and gua sha train? Your next step in the name of wellness is to swap your body brush for a jade comb. That's according to Katie Brindle, Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of The Hayo'u Method, who has created the Beauty Restorer Comb (£38), which is supposed to unblock stagnant energies and get your "qi" flowing again.

Brindle suggests body combing for five minutes in the shower each morning. "Body combing is an ancient Chinese self-healing treatment that offers all the benefits of body brushing, such as promoting lymphatic drainage and stimulating the circulatory system to clear toxins, and more," she says, adding that it can help reduce water retention and the appearance of cellulite.

"The main difference is that it works more deeply to specifically engage the meridians. For example, body combing, particularly around the abdomen, stimulates the qi, which supports the digestive system and rebalances the internal organs. There is a meridian here called the 'Dai meridian'. According to Chinese medicine, fat accumulation in these areas is often due to the blockages in this channel," she explains.

The jade comb is also used to stimulate the scalp and scalp combing is the perfect bedtime ritual for a good night's slumber, she adds.

"In Chinese medicine, the organs all have a connection to the head via the meridian channels. Combing gently stimulates your meridians via the multiple acupressure points on your head, which the Chinese believe is great for your overall health. Combing boosts oxygen and blood flow to your scalp, which increases nutrients to your hair follicle. It deeply massages the scalp and helps clean the surface of dirt, dead skin, and dandruff – it’s also great for releasing tension."

Invest in a crystal water bottle

Liferocks copper bottle with vibrational crystal pod (£45)

Crystal water bottles are suddenly all the rage and when we say invest, we mean it, as these babies don't come cheap.

Victoria Beckham recently shared snaps of hers on Instagram Stories, the Liferocks copper water bottle, which features a vibrational crystal pod filled with tiny crystals, retails for £45. Meanwhile another celebrity favourite, Glacce, is selling the Black Obsidian Bottle for a whopping £80.

There are Liferocks bottles to suit every need, one will apparently boost your focus and concentration with fluorite, amethyst and clear quartz (à la VB), another will enhance your energy and clarity of thought with citrine, carnelian and clear quartz, while another will shield you against pollution with black tourmaline, smokey quartz and clear quartz.

Aside from looking super stylish, the copper is said to "amplify" the healing powers of the crystals. According to Ayurvedic principles, the benefits of copper are plentiful. It's considered anti-inflammatory, aids digestions and keeps water fresher for longer.

Liferocks founder Amiee Carlton recommends you fill your bottle with water before bed so it's ready to sip when you wake, so you've allowed the water to infuse with the pod for at least eight hours.

Use an aura spray to beat off negative vibes

Light of Scientia aura spray (£12)

Kate Deeley, quantum energy healer, cosmic translator and founder of Light of Scientia, likes to refer to her aura sprays as "energy hygiene products".

"They work in a similar way to 'wearing' crystals in the sense that they cleanse, restore and protect one’s energy field, known as the 'aura'," she says. "They are charged up with crystals, and come with mini crystals in the bottle, along with charging them with reiki energy, the bottles have hand-drawn sacred codes written on (similar to reiki attunement symbols)."

An aura spray is a great way of cleaning energy in the workplace, she adds.

"Black tourmaline, jet, obsidian and shungite are some of the best stones for protecting against negative, lower-vibrational energy. This includes electronic devices, 5G radiation, and people who project lower-emotions into the space you are in. I recommend everyone who works within a shared office space to have some of these crystals around (or my aura spray can work to clean the energy in a space also)."

Treat yourself to some crystal-infused skincare

Crystals have made their way into your makeup bag, too. ​Nazan Schnapp, founder of her eponymous vegan and crystal-infused skincare and make-up range, says she uses crushed powdered rose quartz, amethyst, jade and pure quartz in her products for their healing properties.

Each crystal has a different skincare benefit, she says. "I use rose quartz in my renewing range because I believe it helps to enhance cell renewal. I use pure quartz, or rock quartz, as I call it, in my purifying range for its healing and purifying benefits. Amethyst is my regenerating line as I believe it has anti-inflammatory properties and jade features in my detoxifying line.

We love the Jade Daily Detoxifying Exfoliator (£81) which also contains powdered organic musk rose hip seeds to polish away dead skin cells, as well as the refreshing Nazan Schnapp Rose Quartz Sublime Hydrating Essence. Spritz before applying your serum or moisturiser and you'll notice how much longer it lasts.

Pamper yourself with a crystal facial

While we're in the beauty department, crystal facials are now also a thing. Dalston-based toxic free beauty salon Still London offers "The High Vibe" (£80), a 90-minute facial designed to "cleanse your auric field" with energy healing and crystals – it involves facial cupping, chakra balancing and facial reflexology.

On a tighter budget? Give yourself a crystal facial with one of The Beddha's As A Gem Crystal Facial Grids. Opt either for anti-ageing, with lepidolite, rose quartz and aquamarine, or detoxifying, with shungite, clear quartz and tourmalinated quartz. The products use the concept of facial mapping; by placing the small crystals on certain points of the face, the crystal’s high vibrational powers are meant to help release stagnant energy, loosen tense muscles and frown lines and encourage blood flow to the face.