Fact Check: Posts Claim KitKat Is Selling Chocolate Ramadan Characters This Easter. Here's What We Found

X account @LynnWal12343534
X account @LynnWal12343534


Social media users correctly stated KitKat was selling chocolate Ramadan characters during Easter 2024.


Rating: True
Rating: True


KitKat was selling boxes of chocolate Ramadan characters in Australia. However, the products were not on sale in the U.K., as some social media users claimed.


In March 2024, some social media users complained after learning KitKat was supposedly selling chocolate Ramadan characters during the Easter period. A photo of the alleged candy circulated online alongside calls to boycott KitKat and its parent company, Nestlé.

Some people were furious KitKat and Nestlé included Ramadan, an Islamic holy month, on the packaging instead of Easter, a holy Christian celebration (Ramadan ran from early March to early April in 2024, while Easter fell on March 31.) On March 25, 2024, numerous X (formerly Twitter) accounts asked whether the product was legitimate.

One wrote: "Is this real? They've removed the word Easter from eggs but push this."

(X account @RayMairead)

A similar post about the Ramadan chocolates appeared on TikTok, while some Facebook and X users linked the product to the U.K. Together, the posts had amassed hundreds of thousands of views and interactions at the time of this writing.

Although we could not confirm who took the photo in the social media posts or when it was taken, the candy treats were a legitimate product sold in Australia, Snopes found, which is why we rated this claim "True."

The chocolates were on sale on KitKat's Australian website for AU$10 at the time of this writing (archived here), and the image in the social media posts showed a KitKat box with Australia's Health Star Rating labeling system at the bottom.

Snopes also found evidence the Ramadan characters were once sold in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Egypt, as stated in a Nestlé news release published on April 13, 2021. However, KitKat's Arabian website did not make it clear whether the candies were still on sale in the region at the time of this writing.

KitKat's U.K. website did not contain the chocolates, and a Google search produced no evidence of them being sold among the country's major supermarkets.

Snopes also debunked claims Cadbury renamed its chocolate Easter eggs "gesture eggs" in March 2024.


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