Factbox - A closer look at the British monarchy's wealth

(Reuters) - The British monarchy is wealthier now than at any other point during the long reign of Queen Elizabeth, who on Wednesday will become Britain's longest serving monarch at 63 years. A Reuters estimate of the monarchy's wealth in 2015 shows it has nominal assets worth 22.8 billion pounds ($34.8 billion) made up of the Crown Estate, the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the Royal Collection. Following is a summary of the monarchy's possessions and their finances. CROWN ESTATE - An independent commercial property business that, in accordance with the Crown Estate Act, belongs to the monarchy although it cannot sell any of its assets. - Owns freehold to all of London's Regent street, along with half the buildings in opulent St James's area of central London. - Has rural estates across England, Wales and Scotland - their acreage has risen from 279,000 in 1958 to 340,000 in 2015. - Through its ownership of the British seabed it plays a key role in Britain's offshore wind farm industry. - King George III surrendered the Crown Estate lands to parliament in 1760 in exchange for a fixed annual payment now known as the Sovereign Grant which gives the queen 15 percent of the Crown Estate's income two years in arrears ROYAL COLLECTION - A collection of paintings, antiques and jewellery valued at over 10 billion pounds by art experts. - Includes the Crown Jewels. - Earned 48.8 million pounds in admissions revenue over 2015 financial year, all of which was reinvested. OTHER SOURCES OF WEALTH - Royal Palaces: Include royal residences such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Earned 51.9 million pounds in admissions revenue in 2014. - The Queen's private estates of Sandringham and Balmoral. (Sources: Crown Estate's, Duchy of Lancaster and Cornwall's, and British Monarchy's annual financial reports published online and at the National Archives and British Library.) (Reporting by Angus Berwick; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

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