Fadi Fawaz tweets following George Michael's coroner results: 'F*ck you the truth is out'

Earlier today, a coroner ruled that George Michael died of natural causes following a second post-mortem.

The much-loved singer was found dead in his bed on Christmas Day by his partner, Fadi Fawaz, and the first post-mortem came back as “inconclusive”, with police saying that the star’s death was “unexplained but not suspicious.”

Fadi Fawaz has faced public scrutiny since George’s death.

However, Fadi faced a lot of backlash from George’s fans, friends and family, especially when it came to light that he’d slept in his car on the night of Christmas Eve instead of in George’s home with him.

The pair had been in an on/ off relationship since 2012.

And today’s report rules out any form of foul play as Darren Salter, a senior coroner from Oxfordshire, confirms that George suffered a dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver, causing his death.

Police always insisted that George’s death wasn’t ‘suspicious’.

Now Fadi has taken to Twitter to hit back at the haters, writing: “F*CK YOU.

“The truth is out.

“All the nasty comments, press and 999 were very cruel and unnecessary whatsoever, Now I hope to receive some real LOVE x”.

George’s cousin previously publicly slammed the hairdresser, claiming that he was “suspicious” of the circumstances surrounding his cousin’s death.

Fadi Fawaz and George were in an on/off relationship from 2012.

Writing on Facebook, Andros Georgiou ranted: “I have been trying to hold back on this tweet I saw nearly 10 days ago but the more I am reading and the more I am finding out about Fadi I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.

“No. 1 he was never with Yog [George] 24 hours a day they never lived together he lived in one of Yog’s houses in Regents Park? And even if they were, WHY were they not together on Christmas Eve? and WHY did he sleep in the car? Too many questions have come up.

“One thing is for sure this was not an act of suicide. He should of been looked after by his so called friends!

Fadi hopes to move on with his life now.

“If I was around this would never of happened and I have to live with that the rest of my life I am so very sad as I am sure you all are as well, I have to pray that the police come to the conclusion I have and justice will be served.”

Fadi was previously criticised for taking to Twitter immediately after George’s death to share his grief, later deactivating his account after he was allegedly hacked and messages claiming that George had attempted suicide many times before were posted to his page.