Fake iPhone chargers for sale online ‘can kill you or burn your house down’

Rob Waugh

It can be tempting to opt for an ‘unofficial’ iPhone charger if your old one goes walkabout – as Apple’s replacements aren’t exactly cheap.

But tests by an electrical safety group found that 98% of counterfeit chargers on sale in the UK could cause a fire – or deliver a deadly electric shock.

Electrical Safety First tested 50 brands of chargers, and 49 of them failed the tests, with more than one in three failing every part of the tests.

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The chargers are often sold via eBay – sometimes from sellers who claim they are genuine Apple products.

‘It is extremely concerning that 49 out of 50 UK chargers we tested failed basic safety checks,’ said Martyn Allen, technical director at Electrical Safety First.

‘Anyone purchasing an iPhone charger from an online marketplace or at an independent discount store is taking a serious risk with their safety.

‘The majority of chargers we tested had the potential to deliver a lethal electrical shock or cause a fire.’