Fake Melania: How Trump made a conspiracy theory worse

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President Donald Trump Meets With Taoiseach Leo Varadkar of Ireland At The White House

It's back! The rumours that Donald Trump is using a body double of his wife have resurfaced and it may all be because of a tweet from the president himself.

No stranger to spreading conspiracy theories himself, Mr Trump tried to hit back at those who have claimed the double is employed because of material problems. Instead of dispelling the myths he only gave them more credence.

According to Vox, the president falsely claimed that images on twitter of his wife had been photoshopped. In fact, they were just older photos compared next to more up-to-date ones.

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The president has firmly come out against this conspiracy theory, which is ironic given that he helped start the 'birther' conspiracy, among others, which claimed that president Obama wasn't a natural-born US citizen and so ineligible to be President of the United States.