Fake profile poses as Fulkerson

Mar. 19—An online scammer is posing as former New Castle mayor and councilman Tim Fulkerson.

Fulkerson said the scammer is using a Facebook profile asking people for their Social Security information in exchange for insurance claims.

"I don't do Facebook. That's not me," Fulkerson said. "I'd like to know who's doing this. It's not funny."

Fulkerson said several residents have already approached him about the scammer, including one of his employees whom the scammer attempted to reach.

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"If someone doesn't like you, they try to ruin your life that way," Fulkerson said.

Anyone affected or with information should call the New Castle Police Department at (724) 656-3570 or the Lawrence County District Attorney's office (724) 656-1916 or file an online form with the state attorney general's office at attorneygeneral.gov.