Fallout TV show stars break down the big season finale mysteries and how they might set up Fallout season 2: "We need it to be revealed"


Warning: Major Fallout season one spoilers ahead!

Fallout stars Moises Arias and Sarita Choudhury know that viewers have a lot of questions...and so do they.

Though Lee Moldaver (Choudhury) enters the show as a villain, we slowly learn that she kidnapped Hank MacLean (Kyle MacLachlan) with the best intentions (because uh, it turns out Hank is pretty far from being Father of the Year). She's called the Flame Mother by the raiders and former dwellers of Vault 4, but was known as Miss Williams before The Great War. How did Moldaver survive for 200 years? Choudhury doesn't know either, but she hopes it will be revealed in season 2.

"Part of me knows a lot and purposely in the season you see and you get what you get. But I would ask the same question," Choudhury tells GamesRadar+ when asked what she knows about her character's mysterious past. "I know a bit and I can't share it, but I also don't know a lot. But it's also what I loved, because you're like, 'Wait a minute, I want to know from when the bomb fell [what life was like] day by day and then for 200 years. Because she didn't have access to what the Vault dwellers had. I need it to be revealed. You know what I mean?"

Meanwhile, back underground, Norm MacLean (Arias) makes a terrifying discovery about Vault-tech and their true intentions in regards to what's left of the human race. We end on a cliffhanger, of course, with Norm forced to choose an unconventional life or an excruciating death. Arias says that even he isn't sure what will happen to Norm in the show's second season.

"Throughout shooting the series, I was discovering what Norm was discovering as the audience was seeing it too. I was like, 'oh my God, what's happening this week?' I was left with cliffhangers as well," he tells GR+. "I'm just excited that people are as intrigued as I was reading it and shooting it and I'm waiting to see as well, I'm trying to decipher it as well."

Continues Arias:  I think once you find out something that you shouldn't have, [the other person is] going to use all the tricks they have to sort of keep that secret safe. Norm got himself in this, he's gotta get himself out of it."

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