Family 'feud': Kendall and Kylie Jenner 'have nothing in common and can't stand each other'

Kylie Jenner has reportedly been rubbing sister Kendall’s nose in her $900m fortune.

The reality star sisters supposedly “can’t stand each other” and aren’t happy to see each other succeed, according to Radar Online.

Kylie famously made the cover of Forbes for being the youngest upcoming self-made billionaire, while Kendall is expected to be worth around $50 million.

A source told the publication: “There’s so much envy between these two, it’s as though they’re not happy when the other’s doing well.

“Kylie really rubs it in and it’s been a big issue lately, because Kendall’s on the ascendency with her modelling. And that’s gotten Kylie looking over her shoulder.”

The insider added: “What’s crazy is that they’re both impossibly spoiled and have been rich since birth, but nothing seems to be enough and their greed knows no bounds.”

A representative has since shut down claims that the pair are feuding over their wealth.

Forbes: Jenner has been named the youngest upcoming self-made billionaire (Getty Images)

The reports come after Kendall landed a deal to become the face of skin care brand Proactiv.

But things took a sour turn for the supermodel as fans hit out at the star for claiming the products had cleared up her skin, leaving many sceptical.

Following a backlash to her “raw and personal” advert, things soon escalated further when fans dug up old interviews in which members of the Kardashian-Jenner family speak about how their go-to dermatologist has helped the model with her skin.

Among the “evidence” found by fans was a 2015 interview in which Jenner’s younger sister Kylie told how the family dermatologist Christie Kidd had “cured” her sister’s acne.