A family of bears broke into a Krispy Kreme truck in Alaska and ate 20 packages of doughnut holes

  • A mama black bear and her cubs got a sweet treat last week: Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

  • A delivery driver left his van open and unattended while he dropped off doughnuts at JBER.

  • The bears ate 20 packs of donut holes and six packs of three-pack chocolate doughnuts.

A mama bear and her cubs got a sweet treat after swiping snacks from a Krispy Kreme truck in Alaska last week, according to multiple reports.

A Krispy Kreme delivery driver briefly left his van unattended — and wide open — while he was dropping off a doughnut delivery to an express store on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, a military base in Anchorage.

But he didn't realize that was where a mother black bear and her cubs frequently hung out.

While he was inside dropping off the doughnuts, the manager of the store on JBER, Shelly Deano, told CNN she heard noises coming from the van and realized what was going on.

"I said 'He's in the van,' and then the little cub followed and went inside the van and then they just started eating the doughnuts," Deano told CNN.

Deano said they could hear the bears tearing open the packages of doughnuts and, despite efforts to deter them by banging on the van, the bears continued their feast.

Eventually, Deano had to call base security, who got the bears out of the van by blasting sirens nearby, according to Alaska's News Source.

In the end, "They ate 20 packages of the doughnut holes and then, I believe, six packages of the three-pack chocolate doughnuts," Deano said.

Candice Sargeant, who manages the store in Muldoon where the doughnuts were made, told CNN that her team will be more careful about leaving the doors open.

"I didn't believe it," Sargeant told CNN. "I was, like, really astonished. There's no way bears are in the back of the van. Then I was like, 'Okay, how do we solve this?'"

Sargeant said that after seven years in the business, this bear heist was definitely a first, Alaska's News Source reported.

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