Family business says they'll take UFC Gym to court over unpaid invoice

Retail park UFC Gym unit zoomed in photo with glass front doors visible
-Credit: (Image: Joseph Raynor/ Nottingham Post)

A family forklift business says the UFC Gym owes them £500. Arnold Lift Trucks completed a job to repair a broken electric forklift charger for the gym in March of this year.

A few weeks later, they invoiced the gym for the cost of the work. But nearly three months on, the money has reportedly still not been paid and ALT has now sent a letter of intent to the UFC Gym, advising that they will take the matter to small claims court if it is not resolved.

Arnold Lift Trucks' Jayne Parry said: "I'm not letting it go. We're a small family business. £500 is a lot to us. It's not fair. They are just not responding to us. We're giving them every opportunity to resolve the issue before we take it to court."

Established in the 1990s, well-known local business Arnold Lift Trucks was contacted by the UFC Gym on March 7 after a forklift truck being used for work on the in-progress UFC Gym site at Castle Marina Retail Park. Ms Parry describes Arnold Life Trucks as like "the AA of the forklift world" and explained that they are often contacted for urgent response in "emergencies".

The business sent a representative out on the same day, diagnosed the issue and ordered a new main card for the truck charger. They then went back on March 13 to fit a new control system, but found that there was no power from their main charger, so returned a third time on March 14 to fix the charger and to test all the equipment.

Jayne says the forklift trucks were left in a "usable condition". The company invoiced UFC Gym for the cost of the work, totalling £556.20, on March 26.

But it wasn't paid and on June 7, Jayne contacted the owners and spoke to them on the phone - at which point she says she was assured payment would be made to them on that day and that it hadn't been thus far because her contact at the company had been ill. It wasn't paid.

Jayne sent a letter of intent advising that the firm would seek to take legal action if they heard nothing further. She says they have still had no correspondence, so has sent a Letter Before Small Claims Court Claim as a final warning.

The company has 28 days to respond. Nottinghamshire Live contacted UFC Gym for comment.