Family cured of coronavirus leaves Beijing hospital for home

A Chinese family given the all-clear after becoming infected with the new coronavirus are pleased their ordeal is over,

having been officially discharged from hospital in Beijing.

The family of three all contracted the disease when Mrs. Li's parents stopped off in Wuhan for just two hours on their way to visit their relatives.

That was enough exposure to unwittingly pass on the virus, which Mrs. Li explained affected the family in different ways.


"My situation was relatively light. My husband is more serious than me. He had a fever for four days at first, which later subsided. Then there was a slight cough."

Doctors presented the couple with flowers before they left, as they continued to treat others.

They were keen to point out the number of patients in their care in Beijing was decreasing,

but still have no way of predicting the mortality rate moving forward.


"Our mortality rate is actually very low. Because we are receiving critically-ill patients, and our first death was a 94-year-old woman. They all had underlying diseases.

Elsewhere though, the coronavirus is beginning to take its toll on China's health workers.

Figures reported by the country's health commission from earlier in the week said that over 1,700 had been infected and 6 had died.

The total number of people infected is now more than 63,800. More than 1,000 people have died.

Experts fear new figures for total infections give no sign the outbreak is nearing a peak,

but Chinese scientists plan to test two antiviral drugs, with preliminary results are due in weeks.