Family dog that ran away after a car crash found alive six days later

Shehab Khan
A truck crushed the vehicle from behind: Erica Cruz/Facebook

A family dog that ran away after a serious car crash has been found alive six days later.

Erica Cruz and Trenton Ray were driving in Texas when they were hit from behind by a semi-truck.

The pair were taken to hospital and are now at home recovering but their dog, an 11-month-old white lab/retriever mix called Daisy Mae, who was in the back of the car, was nowhere to be seen.

The truck crushed the back of the car, folding the entire boot up to the back seat where Daisy was sitting, and Mr Ray and Ms Cruz were knocked unconscious.

Ms Cruz posted on Facebook noting that Texas State Troopers had walked up and down the road looking for Daisy Mae but could not locate the dog.

Mutts & Mayhem Animal Rescue stepped in and volunteers spent several days searching for the pet, NBC reported.

Daisy Mae was found six days after the crash, not far from the scene of the incident.

“My baby was found! Thank you so much to everyone,” Ms Cruz posted on Facebook after being told the news.

The dog had suffered several fractured bones and one of her legs was swollen to twice its normal size.

The Animal Rescue will now help with Daisy Mae's recovery.