Family in Indiana Finds Fun Way to Welcome New Boyfriend

A family in Pittsboro, Indiana, came up with an amusing way of welcoming a family member’s new boyfriend on Christmas Day, as they stood by the door and formed a tunnel with their arms.

The footage, shared to TikTok by Taylor Hylton, shows her cousin Alex and her new beau Brian walking through the tunnel to the family’s cheers.

Hylton told Storyful that it was the first time Brian met the extended family, after dating Alex for a few months.

She said that all were very excited, and that Alex encouraged them to “do something funny to welcome him.”

“After some discussion, the cousins decided on this tunnel option,” she said. “Brian was a great sport about it all!”

Other options, she said, included reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the dinner table, “but we knew we wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.” Credit: Taylor Hylton via Storyful

Video transcript