Family left 'shocked and disgusted' after CCTV caught man urinating on their recycling

Staff writer
Man urinating

A young family fed up of someone WEEING on their recycling bin installed a camera - and caught this bloke red-handed.

Jasmine and Muhammed Saqib claim their home has been the site of indecent attacks for almost two months.

The couple, who have three small children, decided to set up a camera to find out what was happening after repeatedly smelling urine - and were appalled by what they saw.

Healthcare worker Jasmine, 26, of Chard, Somerset, says the film captured a man having an epic wee on their bin.

She said: "It has been happening for about six or seven weeks, that's why we put the camera up.

"To be honest, when I saw it on the camera footage, I was totally shocked and disgusted.

"I have three small children. What if they had seen it, because it was around 10.47am on a Sunday?

"Luckily they didn't, but that isn't the point. It just shows he has no respect for anyone or anyone's property."

Man urinating

The video clip shows a man with very short hair arriving outside the Saqib's home on Sunday (October 13).

He moves a recycling bin before turning away from the camera and appearing to urinate all over it.

He then appears to pick up a plastic bottle and throw it at the bin before leaving. Security worker Muhammed, 24, said: "We put the camera up and got someone four days later.

"You could smell the urine as you walked out of the front door. I had to clear it up a couple of times. We knew someone was doing it on purpose."

The footage was then passed to the police who confirmed they were investigating the foul act.

A spokesman for the Avon and Somerset Constabulary said: "We received a call from a householder in Holyrood Street in Chard about a public order incident.

"This happened at about 10.45am on Sunday (October 13)."

"The suspect removed a bottle from a bin and smashed it and then has urinated in the area. Police enquiries into the incident are continuing."