Family Moved as UPS Driver Untangles Late Veteran's US Flag

A family was deeply moved on January 4, after a UPS driver delivering a package to their house in Greenville, South Carolina, took the time to untangle their US flag on his way out.

Nicole Lemmon told Storyful that the patriotic gesture had been “very heartwarming,” as the flag seen hanging from the porch belonged to her late father-in-law.

Elgin Lemmon, a veteran and the “heart of the family,” she said, died unexpectedly in December 2021.

“My husband brought the flag to our house after he died as a way to honor him and his legacy,” Lemmon said.

“The UPS driver had no way of knowing that, but he still took the time to untangle it. You never know how an act of kindness like this will affect people.” Credit: Nicole Lemmon via Storyful

Video transcript

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