Family’s puppy careers off dragging their sledge - sending their four-year-old flying

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A family's sledging trip took a dramatic turn when their energetic puppy shot off up a snowy hill dragging the sledge behind him - sending their young son flying.

Mum Morag McFarlane, 35, was left in fits of giggles as she watched her four-year-old son, Lewis, ejected from the sledge after their pup careered off up the hill.

The video shows the hilarious moment a bewildered Lewis was deposited on the ground while the family dog Ruairidh ran off with the sledge.

It was filmed after mum Morag, a self-employed hairdresser, had taken Lewis and his brother Murray, 8, to play in the snow with their puppy on 1st January, at a park near their home in Bathgate in West Lothian, Scotland.

Morag described their one-year-old pup as having "bundles of energy" and being "a bit of a troublemaker" - which can be seen in the video as he careers off up the hill.

Morag said: "I just burst out laughing as I watched it happen.

"I went over to make sure Lewis wasn't hurt - but I saw straight away he was laughing as hard as I was.

"It's definitely in character for Ruairidh - he has so much energy, he nearly pulled me down the hill that day too.

"Lewis has been out playing in the snow every single day, he loves it, but I don't think that was quite what he had in mind!"