Family raising thousands after teenager gored by bison

Amelia Dean whose family are fundraising treatment after she was gored by a bison  (GoFundMe)
Amelia Dean whose family are fundraising treatment after she was gored by a bison (GoFundMe)

The family of an English teenager gored by a Bison while hiking in the US have appealed for help to raise thousands of pounds for her treatment.

Amelia Dean, 19, from Surrey, was just two days into a planned month-long trip across the country was attacked while walking in Custer State Park in South Dakota.

Writing on a gofundme page, her family said she was thrown “head over heels about 10-15 feet in the air” after being gored in the left thigh.

They said she was left with a severed artery and damaged nerves but hospital staff in nearby Rapid City had saved her life.

The family said the attack has left unable to walk more than 20 yards and needing “walking aids” so they flew her home to the UK for further treatment.

Plans for her to be treated further in the US had to be cancelled and the teenager, a keen dancer was brought home and is being treated at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London under the care of a nerve specialist.

By Saturday her family had raised more than half of the £140,000 needed for her treatment.

In an update yesterday, they said they would have to wait a year to see if an operation on her nerves had sucessfully restored them.

Her parents, Matthew And Jacqueline Dean, said: “Mia is recovering from the operation, and will hopefully be beginning physical therapy shortly. We are already seeing some progress in the decompressing perineal nerve, Mia is able to lightly lift her toes, and physical therapy should help improve this movement and more.

“Mia is also still suffering from extensive nerve pain, and general weakness in the left leg. We are unsure if the surgery will be fully successful, and we are now looking into physical therapy, electrolysis, counselling and a brace for her leg, and will keep you updated.”