Family shares photos of 14-year-old boy 'spiked with ecstasy'

The family of a 14-year-old boy who ended up in a coma after his drink was allegedly spiked with ecstasy have shared pictures of him in hospital.

Abbie Lee Everett posted the pictures of her nephew Ben on Facebook to warn people about the dangers of drugs.

She said Ben was only alive because a friend had carried him home after he was given MDMA.

Ms Lee Everett wrote: "My nephew Ben... is... only 14. It's not an easy photo to look at is it?

"He ended up in a coma because of somebody spiking his drink with a 'gary' (slang for an ecstasy tablet).

"A dodgy drug nearly took his life. Is it really worth taking these kind of drugs?

"His family was beside his bed getting told he may have to have a pacemaker, he may have brain damage, he may not even make it."

After advising others not to make the mistake of taking drugs, she added: "So glad Ben is home and alive! We could have been organising a funeral."

Many on Facebook congratulated Ms Lee Everett for her and her nephew's courage in sharing the images.

Lorna Honeyman said: "This is shocking kids just don't realise the impact of spiking others drinks some1 could of been up on a murder charge glad bens ok."

Breeda Fields added: "Thank you!! What a brave family for sharing!! Hope Ben continues to recover well."

North Wales Police are believed to be looking into the allegations that a drink was spiked at a party.

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