Family spots four lionesses laying on the road and ready to hunt blue wildebeest

Anchia, her husband Christiaan, and her 18-month-old baby were on holiday at the Kruger National Park in South Africa when they came across four lionesses laying on the road. After about 15 minutes one of the female lions got up and started to slowly walk in a direction. Not long and the rest followed and they went into full stalking mode. They got about 30 meters from the blue wildebeest then a bird made an alarm call and suddenly the wildebeest looked up and spotted one of the predators. It quickly ran off and made a call to let the lions know it spotted them. Anchia says: "It was super exciting! We go so many times to Kruger National Park but you always see lions sleeping, they are almost never active during the daytime hours. This was the first time we ever saw the lions so close to catching a wildebeest. We could not stop talking about this".

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