Family Stunned As Group Of Horses Invade Front Garden And Eat Their Roses

One home owner refused to be made a foal of when a group of horses unexpectedly descended on his front garden lawn.

Eli Cameron’s thought his dad was joking when he shouted that the horses had arrived at their home in St Johns, Worcester - but was stunned when he saw the three animals roaming around his garden at 6.30 PM on Monday evening/

The horses were eventually rounded up by police after munching on a rosebush, but Mr Cameron still has no idea where they came from.

Eli said: ‘ We live on an estate and it takes about five streets to get to us. I have no idea where they came from.

‘I think there might be a paddocks locally but it definitely isn’t what you would expect to see in your own garden.

‘My dad shouted “There’s horses on the lawn” and there they were.

‘There were people using a rope to try and guide them or contain them and there were lots of neighbours outside too.’

The footage was posted on Facebook and YouTube and has since been viewed thousands of times.

In a statement, West Mercia Police said: ‘Several members of the public stopped their vehicles and did their best to attempt to warn other drivers and slow traffic down.

‘Police attended the incident due to the potential danger to road users.

‘The horses ended up on Monarch Drive where officers and the owner were able to get them safely under control and away from the road.’