Family's choice of food on train leaves fellow commuter absolutely fuming

A family buying fish and chips
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A family's audacious meal while on board a three-hour train journey has sparked outrage from a fellow commuter. They took against their aromatic choice of fish and chips in some style.

The family had boldly opted for this smelly fast food for their trip, leading to grumbles from surrounding passengers. The vexed passenger, used to a daily, more manageable 30-minute commute for work, aired her frustrations on Mumsnet, criticising the lack of awareness demonstrated by the family concerning their food selection, reports the Express.

She questioned whether it was asking too much for other commuters to be conscious of the powerful odors that certain foods can emit in confined public spaces. She said: "I travel on the train daily to work, 30 mins each way. I've just come back from a 3-hour train journey and was shocked that a family of four got on with fish and chips.",

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She continued: "The whole carriage was stinking of fish and chips and the majority of passengers were on the train the whole journey so they had to put up with this for 3 hours. Am I being unreasonable to think that if you travel on public transport you should be aware of those around you?"

In response to her post, another user lamented the lack of measures taken to maintain surprisingly low standards of public transport etiquette. They pointed out issues like "feet on seats" and "luggage on seats".

Others believed the family should have thought more carefully about their choice. One said: "I think eating on trains is acceptable as people can be on the train for quite a long time but you should be a bit aware of what food you take on in terms of smells."

Another recounted their experiences with fellow travellers eating on public trains. They said: "On my train (long commute of over an hour) people regularly bring hot takeaway food. I sat next to someone eating sushi recently and another eating ham. Yesterday someone had a whole takeaway pizza. It's smelly and disgusting! ! Though not as bad as someone clipping their nails a few years ago."

Others leapt to the family's defence. One said: "There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. If it bothers you so much, consider driving in your own car."

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