Famous panda Ya Ya returns to China after 20 years in the US

On the afternoon of April 27th, "Ya Ya", a 23-year-old giant panda who had been living in the US for 20 years, arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Accompanied by Chinese veterinarians and staff, she was taken to a closed quarantine area. Later that evening, "Ya Ya" made her first appearance in the quarantine area, where she enjoyed fresh bamboo shoots surrounded by piles of bamboo. She was seen wandering curiously and leisurely around the room, with what appeared to be a smile on her face. To ensure the proper quarantine of "Ya Ya," the Shanghai Zoo has set up a special quarantine area, including indoor and outdoor enclosures, a feed processing room, and an air-conditioned indoor enclosure. They have also prepared plenty of bamboo and supplemental food for her. At 23 years old, equivalent to about 80 human years, "Ya Ya" will face many challenges after her return to China, such as adapting to a new climate and time zone and gradually easing her anxiety about a new environment. In addition, Sun Quanhui, a scientist at the World Animal Protection Society, said that as "Ya Ya" enters her senior years, her physical functions will gradually decline. Therefore, they will provide her with more easily digestible and nutritionally balanced foods, closely monitoring her activity, weight, and food intake as indicators of her overall health. During the quarantine period in Shanghai, a team of experts from the Beijing Zoo will be present 24 hours a day to care for "Ya Ya." They will carefully manage her diet, monitor her health, and provide medical treatment if necessary. The team aims to accompany "Ya Ya" during her month-long quarantine period and help her adapt to her new life in China as soon as possible. The return of "Ya Ya" has attracted widespread attention from panda lovers all over the world, as she is one of the first giant pandas sent abroad for research and breeding purposes. The video was provided with local media’s permission.