Famous UK Confetti Fields captured in beautiful bloom

Stunning aerial images show thousands of colourful flowers lining the Confetti Field in Worcestershire as tourists flock to the famous display.

The 14-acre field, which features six stunning rows of brightly coloured flowers, is only open for just a few days each year.

The colourful field is only open from July 1 to July 10 as the stunning delphiniums only bloom for just two weeks every year.

Thousands of couples are known to flock to the floral hotspot in Wyke Manor Estate site in Pershore, Worcs., each year as the flowers are used to make natural confetti.

The natural confetti, which is biodegradable, is sold by the pint with just one pint - around ten handfuls - costing £12.

Customers can choose from a range of flowers including delphiniums, roses, hydrangeas, lavender and bougainvillea.

The flowers are handpicked, before being dried and packaged for a personal service.

Workers at the Real Flower Confetti Company then pick the flowers before boxing them

off for weddings around the globe.

Their bespoke service has been used by various celebrities including Madonna and Guy Ritchie and Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.

Athlete Jessica Ennis used the confetti while marrying Andy Hill and Take That used it during their Progress Tour.

Prince Harry also chose the firm’s pale pink delphinium confetti to throw over Princes Charles and Camilla at their wedding in 2005.