Fan trades Giancarlo Stanton's 300th home run ball for stadium tour, free tickets, two Bud Lights

New York Yankees star Giancarlo Stanton hit a major milestone in his MLB career on Thursday night, hitting his 300th-career home run.

Stanton drilled a two-run homer in the third inning on Thursday at Yankee Stadium in their 8-7 loss to the Detroit Tigers, marking his 33rd of the season. The 28-year-old became the ninth-youngest player to reach the 300 mark and the fifth-fastest to get there, doing it in 1,119 games.

According to Jack Curry of the YES Network, Stanton’s ball was caught by Tim Kunz, who was sitting out in right field. Luckily for Stanton, a security guard tracked Kunz down and brokered a trade for it so that he can keep the memorable ball.

In order to make it happen, though, Kunz made sure to get something in return. He gave up the ball for a meet and greet with Stanton, autographed baseballs, tickets to a future game and a clubhouse and field tour of Yankee Stadium — all incredible gets for a Yankees fan.

And, of course, he made sure that two Bud Lights were included in the deal.

Who knows why Kunz decided to go with Bud Light when he easily could have snagged a better, more expensive beer instead. And only two of them? If he played his cards right, he probably could have drank for free all night.

In his defense, Kunz was probably more focused on the first part of the deal — one that, as a Yankees fan, he’ll likely remember for the rest of his life — and didn’t think about the details of the beer deal he made with the security guard.

If nothing else, at least he got the beer included in the deal. Free beer, remember, is always a positive — even if it’s just a pair of Bud Lights.

The fan who caught New York Yankees slugger Giancarlo Stanton’s 300th home run on Thursday night traded it in for free beer, among other things. (Getty Images)

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