Fan Trash Talk: Reasons Penn State Will Win TicketCity Bowl

I can guarantee that this year's TicketCity Bowl in Dallas, Texas, on Jan. 2, 2012, will end with a Penn State Nittany Lions team victory over the Houston Cougars.

Here are the top five reasons why the score won't even be close:

Big Ten

Penn State had the fourth best record in the Big Ten. Doing so well in that competition is a perfect example of Penn State's unbeatable potential.

Lower-Class Bowl Selection

The recent sex scandal charges launched against Jerry Sandusky, former defensive coordinator at Penn State, significantly hurt the team's chances for a prominent bowl this year. Even though this might seem like a downfall at first, the bowl selection is by all means in their favor. The Nittany Lions will be up against a team that deserves to be in the lower-class bowls, meaning that they won't be hard to defeat. When the team goes to face the Houston Cougars at the TicketCity Bowl, there's no question who'll take this one.

Good Defense

Penn State player Devon Still was nominated for Defensive Lineman of the Year for this year's Big Ten competition. Also, by being named as a Bednarik finalist, Still is considered to be one of the best defensive players in college football. With a player like Devon Still, I expect Penn State to do exceptionally well on the defensive side.

Seasonal Success

Furthermore, Penn State has had a very impressive performance this past season. Of the 12 games they played, the Nittany Lions had a total of 9 wins and just 3 losses. Even though the Cougars had a good season, the opponents they faced are clearly no match for Penn State. You Cougar fans out there better not get overconfident, because I'm certain you won't be happy with the final outcome.

Best Players

If it wasn't for Penn State University, you wouldn't have a lot of the top players you know and love in the NFL today. The Nittany Lions have produced some of the best professional football players out there. It goes without saying that the they've got some very good key players that are responsible in part for the team's success. Some of their best players include Gerald Hodges, Michael Mauti and D'Anton Lynn, who all display a tremendous amount of skill and talent.

To all of you Cougars fans out there, I'm granting you a heartfelt warning to bring a box of tissues to the game. Since the Nittany Lions won't show the Cougars any mercy, this can only end in tears for you.

I am a proud supporter of Penn State's college football team because I was born in Pennsylvania and grew up hearing all about them from very close relatives.