Fans are calling out Victoria’s Secret for ripping off Pat McGrath’s iconic packaging

(Photo: Pat McGrath Labs; Victoria’s Secret)

Victoria’s Secret is under fire from the most rabid of all beauty junkies: Pat McGrath fans.

Since launching her own Pat McGrath Labs product line, McGrath has gone from fashion’s favorite makeup artist to beauty’s most beloved business owner. Every creative director and social media manager out there should be coveting McGrath’s instant, viral success. For Victoria’s Secret, that apparently means ripping off her packaging.

The Instagram account Diet_Prada first noticed that Victoria’s Secret is selling a holiday ornament in very familiar packaging. McGrath sells her lip and eye products in a metallic sleeve filled with sequins that anyone who’s stumbled onto a beauty lover’s Instagram feed will recognize. The VS Bombshell Ornament is packaged the exact same way.

As Diet_Prada writes, “[VS is] still offering padded bras, airbrushing, and ill-advised ‘tribal’ runway looks to a world of women who are increasingly questioning the status quo… Hey VS – the way to win women back is DEFINITELY not by coping them.” The move is especially egregious when you consider the number of fans who follow both Victoria’s Secret and Pat McGrath. Did the brand really think no one would notice — or do they simply not care?

Hundreds of fans have written in to shame Victoria’s Secret’s blatant rip-off. “The copy is so obvious…. VS is ridiculous,” wrote one fan. “This cheap knock off version is lame,” agreed another. Pat McGrath herself even voiced her support (while tactfully declining to shame VS) in the comment section with a simple “I LOVE UOOOO.”

Back in 2015, Victoria’s Secret was accused of stealing a bikini design from indie brand Triangl. The two similar designs prompted a fan outcry, in which thousands of people called out Victoria’s Secret. The brand never acknowledged the controversy.

While her fans band together against Victoria’s Secret, McGrath herself continues to shine. She’s currently in London to receive an Isabella Blow Award for outstanding contributions to beauty and fashion. Reached by Yahoo, a representative for McGrath had no comment.

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