Fans Have All The Carolyn Wiger Thoughts After The Traitors Season 3 Cast Is Revealed

 Carolyn Wiger on the beach doing her first Survivor confessional.
Carolyn Wiger on the beach doing her first Survivor confessional.

In just a few short years The Traitors has established itself as one of the best reality shows of all time. Season 2 of The Traitors was a huge hit thanks to its outstanding cast of reality tv veterans, including favorites from The Real Housewives, Big Brother, and Survivor. The cast of The Traitors Season 3 was just confirmed, featuring three winners from Survivor, as well as finalist Carolyn Wiger. And after that announcement, fans have all sorts of thoughts about Carolyn joining the murder mystery game.

Those with a Peacock subscription know what fun The Traitors is, including its international seasons. After rumors swirled about the Season 3 cast, an official announcement was made. Survivor fans had a strong reaction to Carolyn being included, especially alongside winners Boston Rob, Jeremy Collins, and Tony Vlachos. Folks are sounding off on Twitter with a variety of reactions, including those in support of the Survivor finalist. Check out one such tweet:

That tweet alone garnered a ton of responses, including naysayers who weren't please that that Survivor 44 protagonist was going to be on such a different show. One such tweet response reads:

No hate against her but shes not carrying the energy to be on the traitors imo, I don't think she's a good casting for that show specifically

Funny enough, Carolyn was actually asked about joining The Traitors recently. A tweet from the Drop Your Buffs podcast showed her being asked point blank, where she didn't reveal she was in the running. Check it out below:

If she was able to so easily side step this question, perhaps she's got the gameplay to make it far on The Traitors Season 3. One thing is clear: she's going to make excellent TV no matter what.

Carolyn was a scene stealer in Season 44, and some fans credit her with Survivor getting an Emmy nomination for that season. One fan shared one of her most iconic scenes, theorizing about what her conversations with the other three Survivor alums. Check out the tweet below:

Aside from seeing her interact with fellow Survivor alums, some fans are also eager to see Carolyn interact with other Traitors Season 3 cast members, especially the Housewives. Some fans think that she could clash with RHONY fan favorite Dorinda Medley, using a clip from the RHOP to make their point. The tweet shows:

Love Carolyn or hate her, her being cast for The Traitors Season 3 looks like it's already paying off. All of this discourse presumably means fans will be tuning in whenever the show returns to Peacock.

Only time will tell how this all shakes out, but I have to assume that Carolyn will be a major presence. And if she kills it on The Traitors, that might make her an obvious choice to return for Survivor 50, which will feature returning players. Fingers crossed.

The Traitors is streaming now on Peacock. Be sure to check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch.