Fans freaked out that Pedro Pascal wrapped filming 'The Last of Us' S2

Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

Fans of The Last of Us were recently spurred into a panic after hearing rumors that Pedro Pascal has already wrapped for the season, with months remaining in production. So what’s going on?

Hollywood “scooper” Daniel Richtman seems to have shared that claim via his Patreon, where fans pay for access to his hit-and-miss behind-the-scenes information about upcoming movies and TV.

Production on season two of The Last of Us only started around mid-February. Generally speaking, filming is expected to continue until August. Given that Pascal plays one of the two leads in the series, having him wrap up all of his scenes just over a month into a six-month schedule certainly wouldn’t bode well.

Fortunately, HBO pushed back against those rumors after they picked up traction, telling IGN that the claim is “not accurate.”

But there’s a reason why the idea of Pascal having already wrapped filming culminated into such panic among the Last of Us fandom — and why the rumor was able to spread so easily.

Spoilers for The Last of Us Part II ahead!

Showrunner Craig Mazin previously said that season 2 of The Last of Us will, for the most part, follow the storyline of the second video game. Anyone who has played the game knows that Pascal’s character, Joel, doesn’t make it very far before getting beaten to death with a golf club by a new character who’s slated to be introduced in this season.

But as IGN points out, that wouldn’t necessarily mean Pascal would leave production quickly. Joel is still seen in flashbacks throughout the remainder of the game, so the actor would technically still have a lot of scenes to complete.

We also don’t know with absolute certainty that season 2 will actually kill off Joel. For one thing, Mazin also said that there are aspects of the upcoming story that will be “radically different” from the game, despite the overall faithfulness to its trajectory. Additionally, he told GQ last March that it will take more than one season to cover all of The Last of Us Part II, while declined to get even more specific.

This means that we could see Joel die in season 2, or season 3, or not at all. But whichever option the TV series team goes with, we won’t be able to deduce it just off of a production schedule — even if the alleged insider info turned out to be been right.