Fans say Jordan North is spitting image of this Love Island hunk

Burnley's Jordan North (left) has been compared to Love Island's Tom Clare (right) <i>(Image: NQ/ITV, Instagram: @loveisland)</i>
Burnley's Jordan North (left) has been compared to Love Island's Tom Clare (right) (Image: NQ/ITV, Instagram: @loveisland)

Love Island is back on our screens and fans say one hunk bears a striking resemblance to an East Lancashire celebrity.

Burnley radio presenter, Jordan North, has been compared to bombshell Tom Clare who is a 23-year-old semi-pro footballer from Barnsley.

Since Tom made his entrance onto the show, social media has been flooded with tweets and comments about his resemblance to the former I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestant.

Stacey Barnes said: “Tom is giving me Jordan North vibes.”

Another social media user said: “Is that Tom related to that Jordan?

Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North
Lancashire Telegraph: Jordan North

Jordan North (Image: NQ)

“Tom low-key looks like Jordan North,” said another.

Jess McGowan said: “I knew Tom reminded me of someone, it’s Jordan north.”

“Tom is like a taller, thicker version of Jordan North,” said another.

Another commenter said: “I swear Tom looks like Jordan North after he’s been to Turkey for a new set of gnashes.”

Jordan has also noticed the comparisons being made and has sympathised with the Love Island star.

He shared some screenshots of the tweets and said: “Imagine waiting your whole life to go on Love Island, training and eating well the weeks before to be told you look like some beer-bellied gosbs***e off the radio.

“Poor Tom!”

Tom finished last season as the Macclesfield’s top scorer and has a contract with the Silkmen until 2024.

Clare heads for the popular ITV reality show with Macclesfield eight points clear at the top of the Northern Premier League West Division, the eighth tier of the football structure.

His football club confirmed that they have given him a period of leave in order to appear on the show.

Jordan has been making headlines in recent weeks after saying his house is being haunted by a “gay ghost.”

He also had to call pest control after finding rodent droppings at his new home.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.