Fans ‘nervous and excited’ as Norrie takes on Djokovic in Wimbledon semi-final

Fans ‘nervous and excited’ as Norrie takes on Djokovic in Wimbledon semi-final

Fans at Wimbledon say they are “nervous” but “very excited” for Cameron Norrie as he heads into the semi-final.

The 26-year-old is set for a tough match against top seed Novak Djokovic on Centre Court on Friday afternoon.

Crowds of people have been lining up in the queue for tickets to the SW19 grounds, with many saying they have come just to cheer on the British number one.

But some said they were disappointed that the semi-final between Australian Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal is not going ahead after the Spaniard pulled out on Thursday due to an abdominal injury.

Jack Manuel, 29, from Streatham, and Harry Mobbs, 28, from London Bridge, said they had come to watch Norrie, adding: “Big up the GBR.”

Mr Mobbs said: “I’m excited to see what will happen today with (Djokovic) and Norrie.

“It’s going to be a difficult one though. If he can get the first or even second set, it will be a good game.”

Mr Manuel said: “I think it will go either one of two ways, it will be straight sets for (Djokovic) or it will go five and hopefully Norrie will pull through.”

Kelly Paterson, 25, from Zimbabwe, said she is feeling “scared” for Norrie.

“At least he knows he’s got the whole country rooting for him so that must help,” she added.

“I really want him to win the whole thing.”

On Norrie mania among British fans, she said: “There’s nothing better than when Brits get fully involved with sporting events and all go crazy.”

Paul Maddicks, 49, from Balham, said he is “quite nervous” for Norrie.

His friend James Vincent-Smith, 44, said: “I’d like to think that Norrie has a chance but it could be over quite quickly.”

Other fans said they are hopeful for the British number one.

Jonty Carr, 24, from Wandsworth, said: “I’m quite optimistic actually. He’s playing Djokovic obviously, which is going to be tough.

“I’m very excited for it. I 100% will be rooting for him. I’m quite confident. He’s been playing so well so far.”

Debbie Baillie, 60, from Bracknell, said: “Go Norrie!”

She added: “We’re just so excited that we’ve got a Brit in the semi-final. It’s fantastic.

“He’s really strong and he’s very fit and he’s got some good shots, so I think he’s got a chance.”

Kashmira Naik, 60, from Pinnock, said she is “very excited” to watch the Briton play.

She added: “I’m definitely hoping he’ll get to the final but he’s got a very tough match with Novak.

“He’s been playing really well, I watched his last game and was definitely rooting for him and what a great comeback he has had as well.”

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic will take on the Brit Cameron Norrie on Centre Court for a place in the Wimbledon final (Adam Davy/PA)

Some fans talked of their disappointment at not being able to see Nadal play Kyrgios.

Anna Carril, 47, from Madrid, said: “We’re Spanish – we had the illusion for Rafa but I know it won’t be possible, but we’re excited to be here.

“I feel sad, I feel inspired by him every time because he’s an example of working hard and try again, try again so it’s inspiring whatever he does.”

Valerie Chua, 49, from Finchampstead, said: “I’m in tears. It’s my first Wimbledon and I was really hoping to see Nadal but he’s out.

“I’m number one Nadal fan, I’m going to cry, I seriously am gutted.”

Mr Manuel said: “I’m disappointed, it’s a shame because I quite like feisty Kyrgios, it would have been a good match to watch.”

Ms Paterson added: “It’s a bit bleak, I really wanted Nadal to beat Kyrgios so I’m quite sad and that would have just been such a good game to watch.

Cameron Norrie
Cameron Norrie during a practice session at Wimbledon on the eve of his semi-final (Adam Davy/PA)

“Nadal is obviously just amazing and Kyrgios with his attitude is so good to watch.”

Celine Leach, 24, from South Africa, said: “I’m really sad that Nadal’s had to pull out but to see Norrie play against Djokovic I think will be a really, really exciting match and I think Norrie will probably give Djokovic a good run for his money.

“I know the Brits are really excited to watch him play, he’s got ties to South Africa so I’m just really keen to see that match.”