Fans’ quiet confidence turns to jubilation after 4-0 win for England

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England fans turned Trafalgar Square into a huge party after England beat Ukraine 4-0 in the latest round of the Euros.

Supporters began flocking to the Uefa fan zone in the London landmark at 5pm, three hours before the Three Lions kicked off at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Fans seemed quietly confident of an England victory with Joana Moreira predicting “a clear win” while Jose Nunes was feeling “cautiously optimistic”.

The calm crowd drank beer and ate chips while they watched Denmark defeat the Czech Republic on the big screens but the excitement grew as the England kick-off neared.

Fans watching Ukraine v England
England beat Ukraine 4-0 (Victoria Jones/PA)

The fan zone was sold out, meaning more than 1,000 supporters were gathered on socially distanced tables, and the crowd was a sea of white, red and blue shirts, with dozens wearing flags over their shoulders and red and white face paint on their cheeks.

Compared to the England vs Germany match on Tuesday – where there was a real tension and feeling of nerves in the air – a quiet confidence filled the air in Trafalgar Square on Saturday.

The crowd showed their appreciation for England, proudly singing God Save the Queen and applauding the players for taking the knee, while some sang Three Lions over Ukraine’s national anthem when it played through the speakers.

Their quiet confidence paid off – around five minutes in, England’s captain Harry Kane scored, which prompted Trafalgar Square to erupt into jubilation, with fans singing “It’s coming home” on repeat.

After England’s second goal, fans rebelled against the venue’s strict social distancing rules, hugging and dancing with each other.

They then sang and chanted non-stop for the rest of the game, only temporarily stopping to cheer after the third and fourth goals were scored, and returned to singing Three Lions, Sweet Caroline and Hey Baby shortly afterwards.

Fans watching Ukraine v England
England will play Denmark in the semi-final (Victoria Jones/PA)

Pleas to return to their tables and threats from the MC to cut off the link were ignored, the fans were overjoyed and blissfully happy, with hundreds pushing tables out of the way so they could dance and sing together.

Dozens of men ripped off their shirts, swirled them around their heads.

Supporter Marc Ghossein said: “It’s an amazing feeling. We have been waiting for this for 25 years now.”

His friend Ellie Mhanna added: “England is going to win this year’s Euros for sure. They’ve been consistent and they deserve it.”

When the game ended the festivities continued, firstly inside the fan zone before they were kicked out by security.

Fans later took to the streets of London, parting in Pall Mall, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, excited for the prospect to do it all over again on Wednesday.

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