Fans are all saying the same thing about Kim Kardashian's new 'naked' gym pics

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As we all know, Kim Kardashian (and the rest of the Kard-Jenner crew, for that matter) is no stranger to sharing a 'nearly naked' photo on the gram. Now, she's treated us to not one but seven new pics and a video, all featuring her home gym and tbh some very inconvenient-looking workout gear (meaning: thigh high boots and a bikini).

Sharing the new pics with her 329 million followers, Kim, who recently split from actor and comedian Pete Davidson after a nine-month relationship, had her fans talking in the comments... and a lot of the seemed to be saying the same thing about the photos which, under no uncertain terms, highlight how Kim has been committing to her workout routine more than ever lately.

Many of her followers were keen to comment on how Kim is out here well and truly living life in the wake of her break-up from Pete, and were quick to chime in with how much they love the 'break-up version' of Kim K. An inspiration to us all, truly.

'We love breakup KIM 😍🔥🔥🔥❤️,' one enthusiastic IG user wrote.

A third wrote under the reel Kim shared saying, 'Oh yeah they definitely broke up. Get it Kimmy!!!!'

Important note: whilst Kim does look absolutely unreal, let's also remember that she has access to a personal chef, her own top trainers and recently posted on her Instagram Stories about getting a tweakment that helps to 'tighten' the skin on her stomach – so although yes, she certainly does put the hard graft in when it comes to her fitness, there's a lot more to it than that.

And therefore no point in any of us comparing ourselves to her, or any other celeb tbh. All bodies are beautiful and worthy of love and respect.

Work it, Kimmy!

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