Fans are sharing Chappell Roan's drag cred after Plane Jane called her performative

Chappell Roan
Chappell Roan

People are flocking to Chappell Roan's defense after her drag authenticity was called into question — and they've got the receipts to back everything up.

Last week, Plane Jane got dragged to hell and back after tweeting that the "My Kink Is Karma" singer's "love for drag feels performative as fuck."

"no shade queen secure the bag!" she continued. "I'm all for artists platforming and celebrating drag! Just a skeptic being skeptical."

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It was majorly giving off "I've only just now heard of Chappell Roan and feel the need to spew my opinions online" vibes. Some also used the accusation to vent frustrations with gay men gatekeeping drag, which has long been a point of contention in other areas of the LGBTQ+ community.

The thing is, Roan has been having drag queens open her shows long before her career exploded this year. It's definitely not new, and painting longtime support of local artists as "performative" just doesn't hold up.

Adding to Roan's credibility, during her first ever late night TV interview with Jimmy Fallon last week, she name-dropped Sasha Colby.

"You said something at Coachella that I loved," Fallon said. "You said 'I'm Chappell Roan, and I'm your favorite artist's favorite artist.'"

"That was a reference to Sasha Colby," Roan interrupted. "Sasha Colby said, 'I'm your favorite drag queen's favorite drag queen.' And I was like, it just hit me through the heart. So I was like, I hope Sasha Colby one day watches me and... that's why I said it."

Replying to @KJ idk if this was intentional but i love them both so much so i hope it was❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 #chappellroan #sashacolby #coachella #dragrace

And there were plenty of other receipts people were able to pull to show Roan paying homage to iconic drag queens.

And now other queens are even paying homage to Roan herself!

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Plane Jane appears to have seen the error of her ways, at least, but let this be a reminder that you really don't have to say every little thought that pokes its way into your brain on the internet. Especially when you don't have a clue what you're talking about.