Fans swarm Johnny Depp's tour bus and bring traffic to a halt after gig in Birmingham

Following Jeff Beck’s gig at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Monday (6/6), which featured Johnny Depp appearing on stage alongside the musician, the coach transporting the duo was mobbed by fans as the famous pair tried to leave the area.

In the footage, fans can be seen swarming around the blacked-out coach, with one fan sat on the shoulders of another and holding up a sign to the windows of the vehicle.

Other fans can be heard chanting Depp’s name and holding their phones in the air to try and catch a glimpse of the actor through the tinted windows.

A bus on the opposite side of the road found its route completely blocked by the wall of people hoping to spot the actor – with the crowd refusing to budge despite the bus sounding its horn repeatedly.

Andy Jones, 32, who captured the footage said: “The bus pulled out the back with a really big crowd of people – the crowd was so big that he wouldn’t have been able to stop and do anything as people were all excited and hovering around the gate.

“The fans ran around the side of the bus and were blocking the other lane – two buses were trying to get past and I don’t think the other bus driver had any idea what was going on.

“They were banging on the windows and trying to show him pictures and send him birthday wishes – it was like The Beatles were there, it was mental.

“Opposite the gates to the Symphony Hall, you’ve got bars and restaurants and when people realised it was Jonny Depp the crowd just kept growing and growing – he's not on posters or anything and people were very shocked he was there.”

Beck is expected to perform at the York Barbican this evening (7/6).

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