Fans upset over 'Heartstopper's Bradley Riches' shocking 'Big Brother' elimination

Bradley Riches on Celebrity Big Brother
Bradley Riches on Celebrity Big Brother

We were super excited when Heartstopper’s Bradley Riches joined the Celebrity Big Brother cast, but his elimination? Not our favorite thing.

Earlier this week, Riches landed himself in the top six, and he and the other housemates were under the impression they’d made it all the way to the final. However, the public was actually in the middle of voting to evict one more person, which ultimately led to Riches’ shocking elimination.

Riches and the other housemates were told they would get a “rendezvous” with one of their loved ones as a reward for making it to the final six. While everyone else was able to share an emotional reunion with their family, Riches was last to be called into the rendezvous area to meet up with his boyfriend.

Unfortunately, at the last minute, he was greeted by host AJ Odudu who informed Riches that he had, in fact, been eliminated.

“As you can see, neither a friend or family member is here for you,” Odudu told a shocked Riches. “That is because the public have been voting. I can now reveal that the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house is you.”

Riches assured the others that he was grateful for the experience, but viewers were left a little ruffled due to the fact that Riches is autistic, and fans were concerned that the shock eviction might trigger his neurodiversity.

However, following his eviction, Riches doubled down on his claims of being okay when he told host Will Best of Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live, “I didn’t feel upset. Something came over me… I was thinking about everything that had happened and I was like I’m so lucky and grateful for the experience… I was just happy and grateful that I lasted this long.”

Regardless of his shocking elimination, fans were pleased with his example of what it’s like to be a queer and neurodivergent person on TV.

Luckily for Riches, his next project is already lined up, as he will star as Toby in a new London musical called Babies from May 31-July 14.