Farrah Fawcett's last word revealed by friends: 'She was saying his name'

Farrah Fawcett's Friends Recall Her Final Days and Her Last Words: 'Redmond'
Farrah Fawcett's Friends Recall Her Final Days and Her Last Words: 'Redmond'

Farrah Fawcett had one person on her mind as she left this earth: Her son.

June 25, 2019 marks ten years since Fawcett died at 62 years old, and according to a close friend who was by her side as she passed, she didn't waste her last word, People reports.

"She was saying his name, 'Redmond,'" recalled Mela Murphy. "That was the last thing she said."

At the time of his mother's death due to anal cancer, Redmond was in his early 20s and was imprisoned on drug charges. He was Fawcett's only child, and she shared him with longtime love Ryan O'Neal, with whom she had an on-and-off relationship that spanned three decades.

"I told her I'd take care of him, that I'll always be there for him," Murphy said. "I said, 'You can go now.' It was just a few hours before she died."

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Redmond has continued to face difficulties with the law in relation to his drug addictions. He has cited his parents' fame as the driving factor in his personal struggles.

O'Neal and Murphy were together in the hospital through that night, and Fawcett died in the morning.

Despite Fawcett's grim prognosis, her positive spirit had friends convinced she would beat the difficult disease. But ultimately, friends said, she accepted her fate, making small gestures to prepare herself and friends for her passing.

Toward the end, in her laundry room, "there were piles of my clothes that she'd borrowed, all folded," Murphy said. "Enough to fill a wardrobe box. That's when I knew."